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When you are in a bathroom and some one knocks on the door, what is your response?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43079points) February 26th, 2011

I can see Uber asked this about THREE YEARS AGO and even if I answered his question it would stall out again. So I hope I’m forgiven for asking it again.

ANYWAY, if they can come in I say, “Come in!” If they can’t I say, “Just a moment please!” and I sing it out because I’m talking through a closed door…..have you ever known someone who’s response is simply, “Yes?” Like…do you think I’m standing out here so I can have a conversation with you through a closed door, or what?

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Having five of us in the house and only one toilet, it’s usually “ugh, I just sat down!”.

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@jonsblond….At least they’re specifically telling you you can’t come in! People who just say “Yes?” as a question… drives me NUTSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!

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Hah!—I’m always saying “yeah” or “yes” when people knock… So, sorry! ; )

I used to say “somebody’s in here” but that always felt so awkward…

If it’s in my own house with my own family, though, it’s “hey get away” or “use the other one, geez”

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@DancingMind we do a lot of things in the bathroom that it’s OK for others to see, like make-up and hair and stuff. When people knock they aren’t so much asking IF someone is in there (the closed door is usually a pretty good indication that there is,) they’re asking if it’s OK to come in…..

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What I say: “I’m in here!”
What I think: “Get the f*** away. I’m in the bathroom.”.

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“Just a minute”, “just a sec”, “just wait”, etc. I mean, yeah, if I’m just gelling my hair or something, then they can come in, but otherwise, they’re going to have to wait…I’m not about to have a conversation on the toilet…

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@DominicX You’re missing the point. Of course you would expect to have to wait if they’re doing something personal, but not ALL the time spent in the bathroom is for intimately personal reasons. When someone knocks, they’re just asking if it’s OK to come in. They aren’t expecting to start a conversation with you.

So @jellyfish3232….do you think that even if all you’re doing is fixing your hair? Or if you’ve finished your shower and you’re completely dressed?

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You don’t live with my roommates.

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@DominicX Yes, I guess there are exceptions! I’m thinking of NORMAL people you see!

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at home it’s just me and my child so half the time the door is not closed anyway.

out, if i’m in bathroom I will say “someone’s in here.”

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@jca…But we know someone is in there because the door is closed! So does saying “Someone’s in here,” mean they can’t come in?

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“I’ll be out as soon as I can.” And then hurry it up, if you can. Combing hair, for example, can be done in another room.

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They know its me when they hear “GO AWAY!”..........Nobody disturbs me while I’m attending an appointment….besides…there are two other restrooms they can go to….I’ll even do it in public restrooms.

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When out in the world I will try to make a gross sounding fart noise (ala raspberry). That always quiets them down. At home it’s just me and the wife. We don’t even shut the door.

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My house is like @jca. Often the door is open. If it is closed though I would usually say “I’m in here”. Or “Won’t be long” or “Could be a while” or “What do you want?”. Or if I have really had enough of them all…“go away!” Depends on who it is and what sort of day I am having. We do have a second bathroom now though.

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I was in a campground outhouse once, and someone knocked. Just to be wierd, I said “Occupada” in a mexican accent. All of a sudden the person starts saying something in mexican\spanis and walks away.

That made me LOL

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@XOIIO, that made me lol too.

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Depends. If I’m at home, I’ll say come in or ‘what?’ – if I’m elsewhere, I’ll say ‘someone’s in here’ to a stranger and talk to a friend if they’re outside the stall like nothing’s the matter.

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@Dutchess_III: in a restaurant bathroom, sometimes there is a door that leads to multiple stalls, and sometimes the door is to a single toilet. So when the door is closed, people may yank or knock not knowing what’s going on.

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This happens to me at work. I’ll be in there and someone inevitably knocks.

I knock back the same number of times, in the same pattern they used but twice as loudly.

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I used to be really shy when I was little and when someone would knock (usually in public) I would just sit in silence and wait for them to try the door! I hate knocking on the door, it’s so embarrassing. Now, I just say…well hell..I still sit in silence until they try the door.

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I break out into song, singing “Hey ho, nobody home”. But I’m just weird.

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If I’m at home and it’s someone in the family, I will call out “I’m reading. War and Peace. Page 1.” My partner started this joke and it’s caught on. It’s not funny any more though. At least not when you’re the one on the outiside.

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“Just a minute, I appear to have a turtles head poking outta my arse. Frightfully sorry for the delay old bean.”

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LOL @ucme! Dang it…I forgot to specify that this is the home bathroom I’m talking about, not public restrooms!

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@Dutchess_III Oh in that case i’d just politely tell any of the family to “suck it up!” Concise & straight to the heart of the matter I feel :¬)

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“Piss off!” :)

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it’s usually “wait a minute” even though i know im gonna take longer….

and if they knock again i say ” i just came in here!”

and if they knock a third time, (which is pretty common as i have 5 younger siblings,) I’d say

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