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Is Burt Goldman the smartest man alive today for what he says he's discovered?

Asked by markferg (1877points) February 27th, 2011

But what if Quantum Jumping is just pseudo-scientific nonsense designed to make money?

Would it then be fair to say Burt is not as smart as he might initially seem?

How could we decide? Who else could decide?

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This has every earmark of being a con job. The way to see if you are smarter than him is to not fall for his shit.

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A brief read through the web link tells me the things that he is saying is based on truth…and .isn’t anything new for this has been said from since the beginning..

However his application of this knowledge is questionable since I see efforts to integrate into a certain kind of thinking , which is dedicated to the suppression of such a knowledge.
This tells me that he still lack the foundational basis from which this knowledge begins and end.

There was one who said this and I concur ” nothing shall be impossible to you”

And this is the reality of those who has found the reality of themselves.
But those who desire Truth will find it and it will not be apart from themselves.
For this is the foundation of Life and all things.

Though the ignorant will continue to find fault, but what else can I do but let them have their way.

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It’s just a psychological trick, nothing to do with parallel universes.

He’s just going to make you think you’ve jumped into a parallel universe where you’re confident and creative and so on, whereas the reality is, you’ve just changed your mind in this universe.

That is, if it even works.

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He wants 97 of your hard earned dollars (at least). In return you will get a lot of meaningless mumbo jumbo. I’m sure Burt Goldman is very smart but he is dishonest and he will probably make a lot of money out of this.

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Quantum jumping IS pseudo-scientific nonsense designed to make money. It is based on the notion that the conscious mind is something seperable from the body. It also manipulates the truth by taking theories and connecting them in the wrong ways. Now I shall point out a few of the holes in “Quantum Jumping.”

1) When the website brings up the fact that particles have no single location, it explains this as a result of the fact that there are parallel universes that overlap. The real cause is the Heisenburg uncertianty principle. This principle states that certian pairs of physical properties cannot both be known to a same high degree of precision. If one is known very well, the other cannot be known as well. One of the most important pairs is that of position and momentum. If you know a particle’s mass and how fast it is going, you cannot know exactly where it is. It is important to remember that we are talking about subatomic particle, not large object. The variation of where it could be is large for a particle, but nonexistant compared to large objects. This was explained without any parallel universes involved.

2) Our thoughts cannot alter the vibration of particles. He takes the vibration of subatomic particles (from string theory) and relates it to the vibration of molecules in matter. Notice how he calls both things the “vibration of particles”, not specifying what is vibrating. He then talks about how heat energy is the cause of the vibration in water. He then tries to make the heat energy of water seem like the same thing as the relativistic energy (energy inplied through E=MC^2) of the human brain. He calls both just “energy,” not specifying the large difference. Mass and energy are only the same on the subatomic scale, and my brain is not the size of an electron. On our scale, they are completely different things. He then tries to say that the energy of our brain can affect the vibration of subatomic particles. The vibration of these particles is not the same type of vibration, and cannot be affected by heat and other energy.

3) It is not possible, to the best of human knowledge, to access parallel universes, and I couldn’t access my alternate me. Also, the neurons in your brain can’t do this either. It is important to remember that there is no practical definition for the me that I would be accessing. My body is just a collection of particles, no different than the particles in my chair. In fact, they are exactly the same as the particles in my chair. Every electron, proton, etc. has the exact same mass, charge, and all other properties. How would “my” electrons know how to access the electrons that would make up my alternate body. The alternate of that electron could be somewhere completely different, like on Mars, or completely non-existant. My alternate me would still not be me. He would have lived a completely different life, could look different, and would have particles indestinguishable from the next guy. You cannot take my alternate me and prove that it is my alternate me, no matter how hard you try.

I could go on and on, but I have wasted enough time on pseudoscience. I will end by saying that Burt Goldman either doesn’t know what he is talking about, or is trying to convince people that this service is something more than a psychological trick. I vote number two. Don’t trust new scientific theories when the person who came up with it is using it to make a business. You know that if this is the case, making money is their prime objective.

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Ho-hum. Just another scam based on total b******t and abuse of science (quantum mechanics is a particularly effective lure). As usual the goal is get the gullible and credulous to part with their money.

Take a look at this and this, just to cite two skeptical reviews.

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The term hocum comes to mind

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I think it is strange that this guy, who ‘has used it [the technique] to achieve almost every goal he has set for himself.’ still needs to charge money to people that want to be taught his ‘technique’.

One of these goals obviously wasn’t to find a way to educate the world merely for the benefit of the world.

It’s either a scam or these are the ramblings of an insane person.
Whatever it is… it’s utter nonsense

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There is a universe somewhere where Burt Goldman doesn’t exist. Let’s go there.

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It is pseudo-scientific nonsense. And even if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t make Burt Goldman the smartest man alive.

How can you possibly buy something like this? @markferg, how could you possibly take something like this seriously? Ten seconds on the website gave me a headache.

You raise a valuable point about how the validity of a claim such as this is to be determined. I think in a lot of cases it is really difficult to discover, as evidenced by the long-ago debate over the supposed discovery of cold fusion (which turned out to be not-so-difficult-to-assess after all). In this case, however, the guy is a clear snake-oil salesman. It’s appalling that anyone could take him seriously.

I’m sure his material is full of false claims and pseudoscience we could pick apart, but it’s unnecessary to do so. The third paragraph on his homepage contains an appalling misinterpretation and misrepresentation of the Uncertainty Principle. Anyone with a baselines understanding of physics would be able, first, to understand that what he’s written is wrong, and, second, to communicate the actual facts more clearly.

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Not another one.

Let’s put it this way. The likelihood of this being true is significantly less than the chance that one of those emails claiming you’ve won a lottery you never bought a ticket for is real and not a fishing scam.

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@quarkquarkquark – who said I take this seriously? You should have seen the previous versions of the question that got moderated!

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ah! An instigator. Well played, sir.

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@flutherother LOL, right?
I think Stephenson did a much better job explaining this in ‘Anathem’ and in that he kept it to fiction.

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