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Why can't my sister stop coughing/being sick?

Asked by shpadoinkle_sue (7188points) February 27th, 2011

It’s been a really crappy couple of months for her, but this is the gist of it. She has asthma and she’s allergic to sulfer. She takes levalbuterol as her usual inhanler medication. The only inhaler she had left was albuterol sulfate. I don’t know how or why they gave it to her, but it’s all she had to use. We got her a rescue inhaler by bugging the hell out of her doctor’s office for 4 hours. What are little sisters for, if not to be a pest? We got that inhaler, but she had to go to the emergency room anyways and there they gave a prescription for prednisone. That didn’t work. She went back to emergency room a few days later and then they gave her amoxicillin. That seemed to work. She went to her doctor’s office finally and they gave her omeprazole and told her to get a nebulizer. I know she hasn’t needed to use the nebulizer because she dosen’t need the medication that came with it. She has requested to amoxicillin but they refuse to give it to her even though that is the only thing that has worked so far.

We think it started with a small bout of food poisoning. I some way her stomach was irritated and then it went up towards her bronchioles. All we know now is that she can’t stop coughing. No matter what we try, it doesn’t stop. Does anyone have any medical advice or can shed some light on what is going on?

The only things that she is allergic to are sulfer and cat hair.

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Where do you live?

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The coughing could be caused by the acid from her stomach irritating the lining of the throat. If she stops vomiting, her throat will get better, which will stop the coughing.

However, if the coughing is caused by something else – something in her lungs, then it won’t help.

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How old is your sister? Have the Docs ruled out Whooping Cough? – Not so unlikely, my little sis had it when she was four – it can last for weeks and the end result of a coughing fit is almost always vomiting. Outside likelihood, but best to check.

The suggestion by @the100thmonkey is also possible, does she tend to cough more soon after eating? Does she belch, or burp a lot or complain of a burning feeling in her chest? These are questions to take to the Doctor again, though. Best of luck, hope she feels better soon.;o)

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They probably stopped giving her the amoxicillin because if you use it too many times, your body will react badly to it. You need to address these important and deadly questions to a doctor, and not to the internet.

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We live in washington. We’ve lived in the northwest our whole lives and it’s rare that we get sick like this. She isn’t throwing up, but it’s a thought. She’s 29 years old. She’s coughing mostly at night. She’s trying to burp, but she can’t do it unless she has something that will make her burp. We can’t get to a doctor unless she makes another appointment which will be at least a month or two away. I was hoping that someone with some medical expertise could help us out.

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Until she sees a medical professional again, consider having her eat lots of garlic (it’s a mild broad-spectrum antibiotic and anti-inflammatory) and try to get your hands on mullein leaves or some other natural expectorant. Make herbal tea out of the expectorant(s) and have her drink it, in case it’s being caused by something stuck in the lungs. It’ll probably taste bad, so add some honey, which is also good for the throat and coughing.

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Have her see a chiropractor and a Naturopathic Doctor. Regular doctors will tend not to educate you on the following:

Pressure on the spinal nerve centers is a common etiological factor for asthma. Particularly, the upper thoracic (dorsal) and lower cervical nerve plexuses can be significant. Nerve support to the respiratory system is connected to these nerve centers.

Have the chiropractor examine her with specific attention to the aforementioned. Continue treatments of this sort for at least a dozen treatments spread out over several weeks or months. Consult with the chiropractor.

Switch her diet to a balanced alkaline diet (acidic food balanced against the alkaline food). Google “alkaline diet”. Consult with the Naturopath. An overly acidic diet is a formula for disaster.

The lungs are one of the channels for eliminations by which the liver disposes of toxins from the system (besides the regular colon elimination). The lungs react to increased toxicity which can cause respiratory illness (among others), that is, the body will dump toxins into the blood, lymph, skin and lungs if it has too much to deal with (to say nothing of the glands, as well). The body must detoxify. American diets are chockful of harmful “foods”. Gee, go figure. Consider a partial raw food diet with fish/lamb/poultry. Cut out all red meat (beef/pork). No sugar, no white four, no white rice. NO fried foods. No white coffee; no chai; no soda, no dairy.

Have her get an occassional massage and colonic. Extremely helpful.

Review this with her regular doctor. Tell her regular doctor and the Naturopath that she wants to get OFF of the antibiotics as soon as they could possibly recommend. Good luck.

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i am not qualified to give med advice but one thing can triggr another. i had bronchitis once, one of many bouts over years but this one left me w a cof that went on brutally for a year and a half. tried everythg all kinds antiobiotcs etc. finaly i went 4 alergy tests & found out all the othr things i was alergc to & started geting shots. chnaged my life. & fixd the cough.

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No doctor here, but Amocillin is an antibiotic that should not be taken regularly.

Her coughs sounds allergy-related. Have she tried anitihistimine?

Also, crushed ice will help with the cough. let one or two cubes slowly melt in the mouth.

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Sorry to hear about your sister. Deaconblue definitely is on the right track.

Chiropractic would help as well as changing her diet. The body does need to detoxify but it is best done gently especially with someone who is in ill health. Start including a chlorophyll supplement as a nutrient in her diet. This is a gently cleansing tool.

A couple of other things I would to is to take an immune building nutrient complex and something to kill the candida that is in her system. The antibiotics killed all the good bacteria and the candida (bad bacteria) overtook here system adding to her illnesses.

Pau D’arco and Myhhr are great for getting rid candida. A complex that includes those as well as some good bacteria (flora) would be so beneficial.

If you would like to message me, I can give you resources. Otherwise just do some searching on the internet.

Hope you can get her healthier. best wishes.

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