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Does anyone have any cactus-growing tips?

Asked by Ladymia69 (6881points) February 27th, 2011

I have a terribly brown thumb, and just ordered some San Pedro cactus seeds. I will of course do some research, but does anyone have any experience with germinating and growing cacti from seeds? I will be growing it in a pot indoors.

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You have to replicate a desert-like environment in order for cacti to grow and thrive. That means a long, hot, sunny, dry season and then a seasonal downpour.

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All I can say about cacti is that when I bought one, it had a nice flower on it. When I looked closer, the flower was hot-glued on. I was rather disappointed…

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Don’t over water. If you live in a humid place, it might practically get enough water just from the air once it begins to grow. My MIL knows how to touch the soils and see if it is moist enough, so she doesn’t give a plant, any plant, too much water. She has a magic green thumb. Good luck with your seedlings. :)

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I’ll echo @JLeslie. I think when I had cacti, I watered them once a week. They died.

@jellyfish3232 I had one of those too. The flower kept falling off, but since I liked it, I stabbed it into one of the spikes. Which mutilated it a little. It was a gift from my partner of eight years, when we first started dating. Everyone else got flowers for Valentine’s Day, but he got me a cactus since it wouldn’t just die after a week.

And what a nice, symbolic cactus that would have been, had it survived. But I over watered it.

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Lol @jellyfish3232 sorry that made me laugh :)

I can’t seem to grow anything either. So, just this past summer I bought a coral cactus and it’s still alive. I water it about 2 to 3 times a month. I did not get it from a seed though. It has been sitting in the window that gets the morning sun. It has grown alot…like um horizontally. I’m starting to wonder what to do with it next. I think I’m suppose to shape it or something. I have all these pages about it that I bookmarked in my web browser ..which I should really look at again.

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Just hardly water it at all and wait a good five years to see any real growth. I’v had two since I was twelve and they have hardly grown at all. They’re still alive though.

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In FL we have many agave plants and some other cacti that do well, and it actually rains a lot, but the earth is basically sand, and the water runs right out of it and evaporates fast in the hot FL sun. Earth that has a lot of clay or is very dark tends to hold onto water, so maybe select the soil carefully, or adjust your watering frequency based on the type of soil.

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