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Anyone ever have an Identity crisis? What was yours like?

Asked by raven860 (2174points) February 27th, 2011

Details please

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I wish I knew,

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Identiy crisis?
Please define. It can mean a lot of different things, depends on who you ask.

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@Pk_JoA Perhaps confusion of what your morals and choices in life should be? Confused in between what may be a good and a bad choice for you. That is what I am thinking atleast….how would you define it? I’ll write more later I am in a hurry.

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I used to think I was a werewolf, but i’m alright nooooooooowwwwww!! :¬)

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Ask all these idiot teenagers about that. They all have an identity crisis. Just look at them. They think they are rock stars. I always knew who I was.

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Identity crisis? Do you mean a mid life crisis? Do you mean mental illness?

When I was mentally ill, it was very confusing to be me. When I was ill, I thought one way, and when I was stable, I thought another way. Which me was the real me? I think I asked that question here several years ago.

Harp was very helpful with a very simple answer. “Both,” he said. I realized that let me out of that trap. I didn’t have to decide between me’s any more. I could accept that some times I was one way, and at other times another. In fact, the whole experience has left me with the realization that I get nowhere judging myself. I just beat myself up.

There are things I do that back then I would have condemned myself for. Now, I don’t. I just focus on trying to help people and avoid hurting them. I allow myself to express the love I have. I used to try to hold it in, and it would burst out in somewhat destructive ways. It’s weird. But love can be destructive.

It’s a struggle every day not to fall back to my self-judging ways. Self-condemning ways. I hope I never fall into that abyss again. It is deadly painful there.

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I’d say having your identity stolen would be an identity crisis of the first order.

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I have always been the full time bread winner in our family until my mental illness took me out. We found a way to get me home with a part time job. But because I had been working constantly I felt I was letting my family down and I couldn’t get over being “sick”. I was constantly on defense and self judgement mode (I greatly understand where @wundayatta is talking about).

Now I’m in the groove of helping my kids with homework and doing my job duties while they are at school. I’ve even been able to go on field trips with them! I didn’t realize what a difference this change would be in the good for my family and my health.

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I don’t think I have, but my identity has certainly been shaped and refined over time. If something in your life isn’t working for you any longer, it may be time to accept that and move on, rather than be in a constant state of angst. Whether it’s your job, a relationship, the way you view yourself, your religion… nothing is set in stone. Life is about change. Don’t be afraid of it. What a shame it would be if we never changed and grew as people. We would all be perpetually 13 years old! I don’t think any of us wants that. ;)

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