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How difficult is replacing a clutch?

Asked by Hobbes510 (56points) April 15th, 2008 from iPhone

on a scale of 1 to 10… How hard would you say replacing a clutch on a 4×4 is? Besides the transmission, I’ve got a differential I’ll need to drop to get in there… Wondering if its worth it to just pay someone to do it. :/

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depends on if you’ve done this before. i’d venture to say you haven’t since you’re asking how hard it would be. I’ve replaced a clutch as well as rebuilt an engine before and it wasn’t too bad.. But I also had some help from some people who knew how to fix any mistakes or answer questions i had as I went along. I’d say to get someone else to do it, unless you have a good mechanic friend who knows exactly what to do. if so, then see if they could help you or guide you along the process.

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ya… I’m leaning towards having someone else do it as well. ;) I assisted in replacing my buddy’s clutch on his 68’ fastback and it seemed pretty strait forward… But I’ve NO expirence working around the transfer case of a Jeep so… :/ guess I’ll kiss $600 goodbye and get the dealership to go at it.

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If you have to ask pay someone. It is hard I helped a mechanic do one and I could not repeat the process.

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It is quite difficult on a fwd (front wheel drive) vehicle, as opposed to a rwd one…

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