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Visiting San Francisco to view potential city I am moving to for school/work; all suggestions on where, what, why to visit are appreciated?

Asked by BOSSHOGSWAGG (18points) February 28th, 2011

Blessings all,

I am about to embark tommorow on a drive from Vancouver to San Fran to check out a school in Pleasent Hill called JFKU for a masters in sport psychology program I have been accepted to.

I have never been to SF and therefore have no bearings in the city. While I am there I hope to check out potential neighbourhoods where I may live. I do not wish to live in Pleasent Hill as I want the SF experience, therfore location close to the BART station is fairly important.

Besides just schools, I will be active in networking in the sport psychology field and, as I am single, looking to meet new friends and women in my life :)

Some things about me:
die hard Basketball Player
potential Buddhist :)
i love cafe’s which is where i get most of my work done
I love HipHop, reggae, and RnB music
Im a soulful brother.
Poverty doesnt bother me, much rather i find poverty to be grounding and motivating.
I have a private Wellness/Self Mastery company which serves private, corporate, and community projects.


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You will love San Francisco.

I would be sure to visit Golden Gate Park, Union Square, Chinatown (have dim sum for lunch), Coit Tower, North Beach. Have some seafood.

San Francisco is a very expensive city to live in.


Yes I understand it is really expensive to live in… I will be sure to check out all the places you have recommended.

Any particular neighbourhoods that you think would suit me best as far as living wise?

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I think young people do best living in the Haight and the Mission (lots of fun!), although you might be able to find something cheaper in the Richmond or Sunset although they’re a little farther from the action.

The Mission has a lot of caf├ęs, yoga places, and bars and stuff. When I move back here for a long period of time I’ll seek a place there.

In terms of things to do, there are dozens of questions on here about San Francisco. I recommend searching for it and seeing all the answers to those.

It’s a great city, enjoy!

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I agree with @sliceswiththings in regard to where to live. It sounds like you might like living in the Mission. How old are you? What’s your price range? There are other neighborhoods that may be a little nicer (I find the Mission to be kinda dirty) like Russian Hill, or Cow Hollow – where there are still shops and yoga studios (all along Polk Street… starting in the Tenderloin running up toward the Warf). Living out in the Avenues (the Richmond district, NOT the Richmond outside of SF – big difference) may be more affordable but it’s a little harder to get around. There’s a lot of culture and stuff to do around Clement street and the 38 (Muni bus) runs downtown, close to BART). Lower Haight is also an awesome area—are you looking for roommates? Hayes Valley I hear is also a great place to live… cute area, easily accessible. To be closest to BART, Lower Nob Hill and the Mission I’d say are probably the best but there are many other options as well. It really depends on what you want to spend, IMO.


Hey thanks everyone for your comments…

I am 24, single straight male who plays the paradox of life by on one hand being bballer/HipHop head while also maintains a meditation, yoga and scripture study practice.

my price range is $1000 & yes, the BART station close by to get to Pleasant Hill is a must.

I am really excited about visiting San Fran this week and possibly living there. I will check out all the places you are all suggesting…

Now I have to just decide weather Im comited to studying in a north american education institution or through studying religious/spiritual cultures around the world as I began to do this year in India….

Thanks all! CALI BOUND!

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@BOSSHOGSWAGG I know you didn’t ask us, but I vote for adventure around the world over school. You can always go back to school, but traveling will get harder and less convenient the older you get.

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When I visited San Francisco last year I regretted not having the time to take a boat out to Alcatraz.

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