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Men, did you ever think you could answer the question, "What do women want?"?

Asked by wundayatta (58563points) February 28th, 2011

What information have you gleaned on this subject? If you had to give a serious answer, as if you actually knew something, what would you say? I.e., no copping out by saying “No one knows what women want.”

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When I was younger I did an experiment with young ladies. I found that the ones I treated like gold were friends and that was about it. But the ones I treated badly or like I owned them wanted to be with me. This was a long study and I frankly couldn’t understand why this was. For the most part it was always the same though there were a couple of exceptions. Now that I am older I think a woman wants a man to be honest, they want an emotional connection, they want to feel like they are loved and wanted, they need conversation and to be respected and they want the ability to trust their man. At least that is what I have observed in my life.

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I’ve learned enough not to think there’s an answer, and instead to ask “What does this woman want.”

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A twelve inch chocolate penis that ejaculates money~

But seriously, they want to be “fulfilled” in whatever way that suits their fancy. Same thing men want. What exactly accounts for that fulfillment is subject to the individual.

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I’d say women are people and people are different from each other and want different things and think and express themselves differently. Women in general tend to think and communicate differently than men do. So the answer is different for everyone, and can vary from time to time, too. People aren’t logically consistent with themselves, even if they think they are. So this question cannot be answered once for all women. To get it right all the time, one needs to listen and ask to the women in question, constantly, with patience, and with open listening. Fortunately, it’s ok to get it wrong sometimes.

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I agree with you @Zaku. My statements above found that generally woman want what we all do. Love and acceptance.

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@Summum : Do you mean “acceptance”? Changes the tone a bit…

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Whoopes @JilltheTooth Yes I do that alot I guess it is because I’m old enough now to hide my own Easter egggs. Sorry about that.

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a husband who does the dishes and laundry assuming the woman in question is straight and wants to be married at least this is my experience. Of course there is no universal answer, at least one I know of.

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The answer to that question is a semi-tautology. Women want to get what they want.

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nope. I never want to figure anyone out. It’s more interesting that way.

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No. But c’mon, mystery is kinda sexy…

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The more time I spend on this site, the more I even wonder about what women even are, or who really is a woman, or how to define the word. I’m as baffled as I ever was, maybe more so.

It’s a damn good thing for me that I enjoy puzzles and codes.

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Women want what can not be defined or explained with words or made by anything that exists.

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Don’t you guys find it amazing that we can even interbreed? Usually different species can’t.

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The main thing I’ve learned is that when women complain or talk about how everything has gone wrong, the last thing in the world they want is suggestions and solutions.

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Most of the time my partner just wants me to give her food. It’s probably what she keeps me around for.

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@incendiary_dan, I’d stick around too if you fed me homemade grilled critters and veggies… if I was a chick, of course.

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@boffin got a little wordy there. :-)

Women are not mysterious. We are not from another planet. We like to be treated with respect and appreciated. Start with that and it all goes well from there.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard How’d you know what lunch was today? :P

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I haven’t read the thread but I would say men should ask women what they want. They shouldn’t ask other men. The only way you have even a chance of understanding what women want is to ask women in general, and/or to ask your woman, in particular, what she wants. Then it might not be such a mystery. And if asking doesn’t work, refine your communication skills. She’s dying to have you understand, have no doubt about that. Just don’t get all defensive and bent out of shape as though women are from some other planet. They aren’t. We’re human beings, just like you. We’re not all that hard to figure out if you don’t view us as the other. Maybe we see and do things a little differently but we are not aliens.

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@lillycoyote I didn’t ask, “What do women want?” I asked men whether they thought they could answer that question. How could you possibly think that I would ask what women want? That’s about as clicheed a question as there is. If I ever actually asked that question, it would probably be because I had spent way too much time in the dementia wing at Happy Acres.

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@wundayatta It seemed implied and don’t pretend it wasn’t.

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IN my experience, What women want from men is confidence. The Trump is Personal Confidence :-/
Confidence… not arrogance, not dominance, not one-upmanship, not useless bravado, not macho heroics. Women just love truly confident men.
Now as you know, confidence is an attitude thing. In particular, male confidence frequently manifests as an “I-can-handle-it attitude”. This does not mean that feelings are denied. It doesn’t imply an absence of doubt, fear, or vulnerability. A delusion of total self sufficiency is not required.
Confidence simply says: “I can deal with it… somehow… well at least I’ll do my best”. The attitude of confidence doesn’t even have to be constant, just generally present in the face of most life challenges :-/

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@lillycoyote It wasn’t. Not pretending, either.

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@wundayatta We should have coffee sometime. :-) We seem to have more than our share of misunderstandings.

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Not that I wouldn’t love to have a caffeinated beverage with you, @lillycoyote, but perhaps we just need to use one of those universal translators?

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