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Why is it that if I take a nap mid-day, I end up feeling like crap?

Asked by Jude (32098points) February 28th, 2011

I wake up and usually feel queasy. Why is that?

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How long of a nap is this? More than 20 mins is not really recommended. Usually a 10–15min cat nap will perk you up and a longer nap will drain your energy.

Are you napping after lunch? Wondering what makes you queasy Do you have GERD?

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I’m with @SpatzieLover on that one – I think that you probably slept too long.

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@SpatzieLover I slept about an hour and a half.

What is GERD? (off to google).

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@Jude An Hour & a HALF??!! No, that is not a mid-day nap, that’s a sleep cycle. Seriously, you’re not properly digesting your food this way and you’re messing up your evening sleep cycle.

Okay, from now on if you feel like you need a nap, set a timer for 15–20 mins. That way once you fall asleep you’ll only have slept for about 10–12 mins. Next, when I do a mid-day rest, I don’t lay all the way down. (That way stomach acid isn’t entering your esophagus)

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Gotcha’. Thank-you!!

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I have had this same problem….. maybe not relevant, but in the past I always had to take a nap every day after coming home, for 1–2 hours. I started taking a vitamin b-12 in the morning, and a multi vitamin. I really think the b-12 has made a difference in my energy level through out the day. I’ve also been trying to make a habit of eating a more balanced breakfast. Maybe if you aren’t already doing these things, you can try it too. I have stopped needing to take a nap, and just have been trying to go to sleep earlier. The longer you keep yourself from not napping, the easier it is to not take them anymore. (This is coming from someone who is simply unable to sleep for just 10–15 minutes, so I have opted to just stop napping altogether).

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You are napping too long. Set your alarm for 30 minutes.

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If I take a mid-day nap, it’s 2 hours or I feel sick afterwards. Those 20 minute jobs make me feel more tired than I was when I dozed off.
I should mention that I rarely sleep thru the night, and NEVER get more than 6 hours.

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I’ve never been a nap taker, in fact, I’m usually the most wide awake and full of energy in the mid afternoon. But during times when I have felt a little more tired, it’s better to get out and take a walk or do a little bit of exercise than to take a nap. I’ve always felt more tired and really crappy after attempting or succeeding in taking a nap. And for me a 20 or 30 minute nap isn’t even possible. It takes me longer than that to fall asleep (even at night). You just might not be a nap person.

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Could be your just low on iron or bored. Try sleeping in a little longer or just going to bed a half hour ahead of usual. For me I, usually find (as already stated above) that oversleeping or on my naps or not sleeping soundly at night leaves me feeling a bit jet lagged. If I have exactly 7and a half hours of sleep or 8 hours than I don’t even need a nap. Oversleeping gives me headaches because I find myself waking up a few times in between and it throws my whole day off. Long naps will do the same. I agree with @SpatzieLover, a short power nap is just that. Gives you enough energy to make it till the night. Another thing. Don’t take your naps anytime after 5 pm. You will fall into a deeper slumber and feel less like getting up since its close to evening. Also it will keep you up later at night because your newly refreshed. I find that for myself a nap can’t be taken anytime after noon because I’m wide awake for the next 12 hours.

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@Jude This plagues me too, except i always feel really depressed after such naps. Not sure why.

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Because you’re throwing your body’s natural Circadian Rhythm all out of whack.

Google it. Very eye opening info.

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For some reason I always wake up from a mid day nap feeling really anxious. I have never worked out why.

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