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What does "Are You Cracked?" mean?

Asked by Spidermanrulezzz (189points) February 28th, 2011

In the movie The Sandlot 2, it is a commonly asked question used often after someone does something crazy or stupid. So I assume it means something along the lines of “Are you crazy?” but i just wanted to be sure because I’m curious.

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Yes, it refers to someone being crazy…It’s another way of saying Are you on crack?

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It’s sort of like, ‘are you cracked out?’

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The expression was used long before there was any association with “crack.” It implies that you are damaged the way a cracked plate or glass is. By extension, it came to mean “are you nuts?”

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@gailcalled is correct, as evidenced by the Mad Magazine rip-off Cracked

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I have always thought it means are you mad, nuts, crazy.

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It means “crazy” as if your head has been cracked open (brain injured).

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