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How can I get a hold of more of this dinnerware?

Asked by squirbel (4292points) February 28th, 2011

I’ve included a photo of the bottom – it says “CAC China”. I believe it is referring to the country China, as opposed to “china”.

These dishes are exceptionally thick. I love how thick and smooth they are, and when they get chipped [if ever], it takes a LOT of abuse to achieve it.

Please help me find this dinnerware! I have no idea where to look because googling the label has yielded little. :)


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Nevermind. I did my google search last year… came up with nothing. Did it just after posting, and BAM! they have a website all of a sudden. .

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CAC China is a brand made for the restaurant trade. Start by contacting the restaurant supply stores in your town.

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You’re welcome.
At our bar, we use the ones on pg 44 of your link. (stacked under that hideous lamp)
We’ve been open over two years and broken exactly 3 plates. That’s unheard of in this biz.
Sturdy stuff!!

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