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How come you never hear much about Satanic cults anymore?

Asked by cockswain (15271points) February 28th, 2011

I used to hear about Satanic cults being blamed for various crimes and problems in the 80s and 90s. Now the media doesn’t seem to pick up those stories anymore.

Are we no longer worried about Satan’s influence? Is Satanism in decline? Is it because vinyl records aren’t being played backwards anymore?

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Guess devil worship isn’t trendy anymore.
GQ, should be a fun one to watch.

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Satan’s tied up right now trying to hang on to power in Libya.

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They hired me as a security expert.

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Replaced by terrorists and resultant political fallout. Public interest is fluid, at best. And with the growing number of atheists, not as many people take Satan as seriously as they should anymore.

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Look at the reasons behind the blame game before. Primitive view points and ignorant superstitious bias worked in a culture without widespread information sharing. The internet is probably the single most influential reason for the decline of humble, religious men whipping up church-going fervor in the ignorant masses by claiming evil, vile, satanic cults were out there and were going to get you. When you can just get online and google what ever the subject is, and get alternate view points easily, it gets much harder to justify the blanket condemnation that used to be the norm in ours, and any non-information age society. This type of thing does in fact still go on in places like Afghanistan, for example, where the common man out in the desert will only get information from the elders in the nearest village, and the occasional trading gypsy nomad type who rolls through twice a year in his ‘jingle truck’. They believe the soldiers flying above their homes in their helicopters are satan’s minions, come to claim their families for the powers of evil, because that is what they are told by those they hold in high regard.
There is a new age group I am familiar with, called the Crimson Circle, who get together every month and the guy who founded it ‘channels’ information from the other side for the benefit of the group. I have googled their group, and found some extremists condemning them for satanic worship. Those condemnations fall kind of short when you can click on the link to the main groups home page, and from step one it is filled with soothing new age type music, and talking about love and stuff throughout. Airy fairy stuff, and not exactly in line with your average christian religions, but certainly not the evil, devious and dastardly satanic crap the extremists make it out to be.
These days, you only believe people who make claims like that if you really want to believe in conspiracy theories, if you feed off of the idea that ‘THEY’ are out to get you. Or, if some jerk advertises that he himself espouses taping cats to the road as ritual sacrifices to demon gods, you may very well assume he is in fact the real evil deal.
And most self-admitted satanists only call themselves that because they are called that by organized religionists. I visited a website 5 or 6 years ago, ‘The Satanic Website’, which you had to have a copy of the satanist bible by Anton Levey(I think I spelled that correctly) in order to know what the third word in the second paragraph on page six was, or something like that, to get in. Almost all of the individuals logging in and posting messages on the topic boards were from a wide range of religious philosophies, such as wiccans, druids, followers of Set(Egyptian mythology), ceremonial magickians (Aleister Crowley types), nordic god followers(runes come from these guys) and any other non-christian religion you can think of. They got on to argue their different points of view with each other, language was not an issue, and it got pretty nasty sometimes, but the most avid satanist philosophies I found were people who believed that the purpose in life was to get everything they could for themselves, any way they could, and screw the world if it couldn’t handle it. Not much different from your average politician or lawyer, eh?

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They went underground, like way under!

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The concept of evil as an ideal to strive for was co-opted by the New Right.

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Video games are now the cause of our nation’s youth problems.

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Most of my family has moved out of state…. ;)

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They’re all to busy on their i-phone’s to be bothered with sacrificing anything.

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The “Satanic Panic” of the ‘80s was the result of a rise in fundamentalism in the country, and was primarily caused by fundamentalist Christians trying to get attention. Combine that with the wooly pseudo-science of “recovered memories” and you have plenty of chance for conjuring up Satanic conspiracies.

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