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Do I need a lawyer to evict a tenant for not paying rent in Washington dc?

Asked by Yanivi (42points) February 28th, 2011

My tenant hasn’t paid full rent, and isn’t responding to calls or emails. Another tenant has asked them to get in touch, and they brushed him off. I don’t know my options. Do I need to hire a lawyer, or are there resources that can help me navigate this nightmare?

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I would probably begin by contacting law enforcement. I know nothing else specific about this problem however.

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In Washington, DC, the Superior Court of DC’s Landlord and Tenant Branch handles these types of cases. I’m going to post the website so you can get the phone numbers and information you need. The first thing you have to do in DC is send a Notice to Correct and/or Notice to Vacate for unlawful possession of premises. The clerk’s office can provide the proper forms and paperwork, BUT it is recommended by the court to get advise from an attorney. Tenants in DC have tremendous rights, especially if you are tied-up with HUD housing or some type of minority rental for a business or residence. Good luck.

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All you need is a Writ of Eviction, just like all the other states. See a judge or Sheriff in your city and have one issued. Once the eviction noticed is served, the person will have 30 days to evict the premises or be removed by law enforcement.

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That totally depends on you, how you manage it alone very well. Otherwise opt for a lawyer.

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