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Do you think that Ghadafi has lost touch with reality?

Asked by reijinni (6953points) March 1st, 2011

Think about it.

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Was Gadaffy ever in touch with reality? or at least visit reality?

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I thought he was certifiable to begin with. With all the pressure, I think he is way, way out there.

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Ah,Gaddafi, the self proclaimed King of all Africa, the king of kings, the travelling camel circus, the Bedouin tent pitched in the gardens of state buildings, the Amazonian female entourage….we shall miss those idiosyncrasies. Mark my words.

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Well – yeah.

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His reality check bounced a long time ago.

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Better question – is there anyone who doesn’t think he’s lost touch with reality? Judging from the number of news articles on how he’s crazy, no, no there isn’t anyone.

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@MyNewtBoobs Well his followers yes he has some don’t think he’s nuttier than a Mr Big chocolate bar…...

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@coffeenut Do they really think he’s sane, or do they think it’s beneficial to stay on his good side?

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He has not lost it enough. Reality is still shivering at his malevolent touch.

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It takes 150 years for the light from Reality to reach Ghadafi.

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I thought you said ’ Ghandi’...never mind.

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@Coloma lurve always given at the mention of Gandhi, even when it is misspelled.

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Haha..oops, where to put the damn ‘h’. ;-)
Yes…GandHi is a true leader.

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