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Read a Guys Mind for the day?

Asked by missbabyboo (195points) April 16th, 2008

i want to know what guys really think about us by our actions and can you tell if a guys into you or not?? like does a guy just want hook ups or likes you??

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are u having guy issues these days? LOL

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well, i guess some guys are realy open and you can tell right away, but then again, some guys….well, i think it depends per case, sometimes the girl will think the guy just likes her, or vice verse, it’s all about being clear towards eachother i guess

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wow you have so many questions about guys! You’re thinking to much into it,... Guys aren’t that complex. Do you have a girlfriend you can talk too about all these questions? Because that helps a lot, and always will!
As for your question i would never want to read guys minds..

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@haight, that’s right, you realy don’t want to, especialy not mine…

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yes! Especialy yours iwamoto ;)

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maybe like a “being john malcovisch” thing…i’d like to know what girls think all day, stuff like “damn, i gotta fart, but where? not here, damn!” or “i’d soo do him!”

i always have this semi utopian image in my head of girls being like angels, not a tainted thought comes across their pure white minds…

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yes i have been having guy

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i do have girlfriends i can talk to about these but i out experience them and i turn out to be the one helping them with their problems..their completely clueless with mine..and i dont know why i can help them with their boy problems but i cant help with my own

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I find that helping my friends and giving my advice kinda helps myself as well. You mentioned you were a “teen” in one post and said that’s all we need to know, so those boy problems youre having, you’ll probably have them for a while. I know I did all throughout highschool and I realize how foolish it was of me to care so much about what guys thought.

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if you knew the REAL answers to all these questions, it would take all the mystery out of relationships, and without mystery, there is not relationship. If you’re unsure about guys and what to do with them, you just have to take risks and see what happens. It’ll that much more worth it when it does work out.

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You REALLY don’t want to read a guys mind, it would probably be scary enough to make you want to become a lesbian lol.

I know you are confused right now, but honestly it’s best to not stress over it. If it’s meant to be, it will happen, so just kick back and be yourself—the genuinely good guys out there will be attracted to a woman who’s honest and comfortable with who she is.

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You really need to stop worrying so much about guys. I don’t mean to be snarky, but you’ve posted like four different questions about guys in one day. Why do you think that you need a guy to be happy? Why do you care so much about guys’ opinions? Why is it all about what guys want?

Why don’t you figure yourself out – what you think, what you want. I promise that’s far more important.

Plus… if there is one thing that all decent guys – and girls! – like, it’s someone who knows who they are and is strong and confident.

Good luck.

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Here’s what guys are thinking. Ready? Nothing. We’re just walking around, looking around all day long. Sometimes we eat, sleep or work, but usually we’re nice and empty.

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i wish i was that simple, i just think all day long, can’t fall asleep fast, always thinking, people think im not listening because im doing other stuff as well, the worst are dual thoughts, i’m playing burnout paradise,watching the road and the map, and hearing something downstairst on tv and listening to that as well, only downside, when the tv is too interesting, i suddenly see the car plow into a wall….NEED…MORE…MULTITASKING SKILL !

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im not thinking about guys all day..its just that thats the most annoying and confused problem im having and i kind of want to solve it first..i want to leave guys behind and be happy with my friends. but with this many guy probs in my way, i have no way of really truly being happy with my frinends

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well what i meant by reading guys mind is..what they think about their feelings for sometimes guys say theyre confused about their feelings..or done something in action but dont know why they did it

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Guys don’t have feelings. We just pretend to have them so we can get laid.

(totally kidding of course)

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haha wow i was just about to say that aint true =]

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Guys are pretty straightforward in high school. Actually most guys are easy to understand if you just pay attention. Though high school guys (whom I assuming you’re interested in) can’t get a single clue about girls

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well yes they are pretty straight forward but some guys just cant seem to make up their interested in high school boys because i am high school for one but i like college boys too no difference

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It might help to look at guys like humans, instead of an entirely different race. Every person is different and is going to think about different things. I’m confident that if you watch what a guy does, and listen to what he has to say about it, you can figure out his thought process. If not, let us in on something and maybe we can help you figure what this person was thinking.

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missbabyboo stick with the high school boys for now. It really hard to tell of your college bf is playing you when you’re stuck in high school. Plus you never know if you find mr right if you don’t look at you’re immediate surrounding. Trust me college guys can be trouble. Anyway it would be more fun having that someone special during lunch time

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I’m lucky to have a really good male BF who is my translator for all things guy. His best advice to me was “Don’t overthink. Most guys say what they mean and they say it pretty simply – just listen.” I hate this advice but it works in probably 90% of situations. good luck

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What? Guys have minds? They think?

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Well, someone had to have one, or society wouldn’t have progressed!
dundun tshh!

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lol Society progressed because women pushed men to make a bigger cave. lol

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Hope I do not get into trouble for this. Guys are first and foremost looking for a hookup. We are wired to procreate. An “honorable” man, with proper self control, understands his responsibility in order to get to the “pot of gold”. If you hold your ground, and do not give it up too easy (there are, “rare exceptions”). He will then be given the time, to get to know the person.
In this process he will either find an easier mark. Or fall in love (lust) with you. If you do not, (seems I am putting the responsibility on the woman,) hold your ground. You will be seen as a tool. Sorry guys, for the most part men are dogs. That is why you ladies need to keep them on a tight leash. But once you have one another, all bets are off. As long as your dog stays in the yard.

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elevator music
or… ”girls
or (in my case): 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164062862089986280348253421170679821480865132823…

@ChazMaz Love can be (and real love is) more than lust/infatuation… but yea, most men are dogs. Even those that try to be otherwise fail a lot (geez, it’s tough in today’s world).

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