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Where would you put yourself on the "funny" guage?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) March 1st, 2011

I never used to think I was funny until the last few years, when several people told me I was funny. It was strange because I had thought that I was only serious, not serious and humorous.

What is your image of yourself as far as humor is concerned and as far as other moods are concerned? Do other people seem to think you are funnier than you think? Is your humor accidental or deliberate? Do you think you are funnier than other people seem to think?

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When I make friends laugh, it is almost always unintentional. I’m not a very serious person, but I have a short fuse. I suppose if it was a 1–10 ranking, with 10 being the highest, I’d rank myself as a solid 6. I’m actually talking to two friends right now, one says 6.4 for me, the other says I’m in a 6–7 range.

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Sober, I’m about a 5..pretty lame.
Drunk, I’m about a 8….People laugh while I make a fool of myself. Lol.

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My co-workers tend to think I am bitter and unapproachable. Some on fluther think I am cold, uncaring, and so hate-filled I spit nails at babies for sport. Truth is? I used to do stand up at local places on open mic nights and, yes, laughs were heard. Usually.

What is grey haired, big eared, and has the brain capacity of a bed mite?

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Most people think I am pretty funny. 9/10

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My humor is accidental more than anything, in fact it’s just me living. My husband and many friends have said if they could follow me around for a day with a camera, they would make a lot of money. I don’t see it. I’m just living.

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My personality is around an eight. Probably due to the fact that when I try (unsuccessfully) to act serious, I don an english accent and an unusually exotic vocabulary. I also tend to spew nonsense about ruling the Earth.

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(sorry, got distracted looking up the definition of Guage)

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I’m a level 47 Deadpan Snarker with a +19 Bag of Infinite Sarcasm.

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I have always thought of myself as overly-serious… but people always tell me that I’m funny. I like to laugh and I think that I have a good sense of humor, but I have never thought of myself as a funny person. I would view myself as a 4, but I’m guessing other people see me as a 6 or a 7, depending on who you ask. If I’ve been drinking, I’m going with a 10.

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I can make people laugh – or else! ;)

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As far as I’m concerned, everything is joke. It’s just figuring out what the punchline is that’s the trick. I often find myself laughing aloud to my thoughts in my head. Yea, it freaks out my friends sometimes, but I just tell them, “I entertain myself.” :)

I often make people laugh with and without trying. I often speak before I think which sometimes gets mixed reactions, but I don’t care I thought it was funny. I also can turn just about anything into a dirty joke, but I usually just giggle it to myself.

I would say I rank high on the funny gauge.

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I’ve got two main modes—serious and sarcastic.
Lucky for me people seem to find at least one of those as funny. : |
So, answer: people would consider me funnier than I do myself, and it’s definitely unintentional.

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I go to 11.

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I’m all about humor. It’s a very natural part of me that flows with ease.
Yep, I’d say I was a natural. ;-)

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11 usually but sometimes I get in funky moods like last night and at those times I’d rate myself a 13.5.

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I’m more of a comic foil than a comic, but I like it that way! 6.5

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Above average.

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Funny guage? too much pressure

I do get a tingly feeling when I make my husband laugh, but I don’t rate the tingly on a richter scale.

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I am apparently very funny according to people I work with… (I hope they are laughing with me and not at me). Guess I have to believe those poor, deranged souls who think this. My husband keeps saying I’m wacky… (is that a good thing?). So, ooooh… a high number on the funny guage.

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I think I’m a laugh riot. I make myself laugh all the time, even if others don’t think I’m that funny (some might remember my “Worfin’ around” joke). I’m not funny in that I tell jokes, although I’m good for the occasional one-liner. I’m more silly, I think. Mr. Fiance laughs most often when I’m just being a goof.

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On a scale to 10, I’d say 7 or 8. My friends would probably be less generous.

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I’m a 10 in my head, and what comes out my mouth is probably a 6.5. Like @Seelix, I make myself laugh often.

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