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Why did my internet explorer 32 bit stop working?

Asked by lbwhite89 (1213points) March 1st, 2011

Out of nowhere, my Internet Explorer stopped working. If you tried to open it, it says “Internet Explorer has stopped working. Windows is searching for a solution” and then it would close. I tried restarting the computer, running Norton quick scan, running a Norton check in Internet Explorer specifically, and ran the HP troubleshooting diagnostic tests.

I decided to call HP and have been on hold for 40 minutes. I decided to try to open the Internet Explorer (64) bit and it opened just fine. But the other one still isn’t working.

Does anyone know why this might have happened or how I can fix it?

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I googled the issue and found a Internet Explorer restore to run on my computer and it put the default settings on my IE and now both work. But still, why might this have happened?

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Internet explorer just stops working at the strangest times, and will then start working again randomly. I think that’s just quirks of the program.

I’d recommend downloading another browser.

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as @dverhey said, get another browser. IE is an inferior product compared to Opera and firefox etc

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I agree with @dverhey and @Odysseus: The amazing thing about IE is that it works at all sometimes. I only use it for work-related pages because some of our developers have crippled intranet and internet sites to work only with Internet Exploder because it’s a “corporate standard”. Bah. Otherwise I use Chrome for day-to-day use and enjoy it loads more. It’s faster to load then Firefox and more reliable than IE.

I’m not normally a Microsoft hater, but I’m certainly not an IE lover.

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@WasCy I usually only use IE for however long it takes to download Google Chrome or Firefox on my computers and even then it still lags or hangs up.

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If you are really stuck, get a friend to email you a copy of the wget utility, which you can then run in a command line with

actually that won’t work for you as the os is wrong, probs should be ‘os=win32’ but I can’t be certain. Perhaps someone else can advise. But you get the idea. Someone emails wget as it is a small program and won’t snafu your email system and then you use it to grab a copy of firefox off the web and install it directly from the downloaded file. I think Windows also comes with ftp, so you could use that too if you know what you are doing.

Although, thinking about it, your posting ok, so you can’t be having that much trouble getting on to the web!

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@markferg As it stated in my question, IE 64 bit was working, but 32 bit wasn’t. That’s how I was acessing the web.

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because IE is a peice of shit and shouldnt be used at all its telling you to download something better

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