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Why would anyone choose any liquor other than Rum?

Asked by SuppRatings (460points) March 1st, 2011

Just kidding, but in all seriousness, what is your favorite rum and your favorite rum cocktail?

My favorite rum is 10 Cane and favorite cocktail is a ‘Dark and Stormy’ (Ginger soda with rum)

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Because there’s bourbon and there’s beer, that’s why.

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I use to drink Bourbon and did for years, but something about good quality rum has tugged me away.

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My drink is a Sapphire (gin) gimlet with soda. I enjoy other boozes, and I’m coming to like clear rum and diet coke, but I’ve broken up with spiced rum and have a restraining order against it.

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@MyNewtBoobs Diet Coke is crime against rum; or just about anything else for that matter. :-)

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Drink this. Over a hundred bucks a pop, but, it’s like liquid gold. Smooth, my friend. Smooth.

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@lillycoyote But I hate regular Coke…

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I like rum but I really like cachaca, liquor made from fermented sugarcane juice. It’s delicious! A lot of places serve it in capirinhas, but I went to a hookah bar in Miami that was next to the beach and took shots of cachaca there. That’s a pretty fun memory for me.

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Vodka. I grew up with it, my family has been making it for years, and it’s great. @Haleth Ahhhh! I love cachaca! The best place to find it is in Brazil.

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I second @KatetheGreat. I really like heady red wines, but for many mixed drinks I like vodka because it doesn’t overwhelm the mixer. I like Greyhounds made with pink grapefruit juic. I call them a Bitch in Heat.

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Anyone that says this has not had Tullamore Dew. I don’t like rum.

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@jude, im very curious and will therefore try it.

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Hey, @WestRiverra,! what is a Tullahoma Dew, the googles tell me nothing

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I want my rum in a ball dammit.

That’s the only way it’s going down.

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@jonsblond , what do you mean by a ball?

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Tequila Shots and marquitas

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@SuppRatings RumBalls. Made with a mixture of cocoa, rum, nuts and crushed vanilla wafers. My mom makes them every year at Christmas. They are sooo good.

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Tullamore dew is a high quality Irish Whiskey.

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Because they drank too much rum in high school and the mere smell makes them shudder and zooms them back to their friends’ basements. Ugh.

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Captain Morgan n coke.
But I would much rather have a Glenmorangie with 2 ice and a dash of water.

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Havana Club mojito. Havana Club is what Bacardi should taste like, because it is made using the original Bacardi distillery.

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I don’t have a favourite drink. I don’t drink much anyway but when I do feel in the mood I might choose scotch (only the good stuff though), gin, rum, vodka… or a cocktail like a long island iced tea… I love those. Or a cocktail based on Baileys. Red wine… Now I sound like a drunk in denial… sighs…

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I went scuba diving in the Bahamas and had a killer rum called Ole Nassau Yer Ho 7 Year Old Rum. Very tasty after a 150’ deep wall dive.

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Rum is okay but I prefer a decent single malt Speyside Scotch.

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Why drink rum when there’s Canadian beer? No, really – I agree with @sliceswiththings – I drank too much rum mixed with whatever else was on hand while I was underage. I can’t drink it anymore; just the smell can make me feel ill.

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Tango. Maybe Cisco, if I’m feeling posh.

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I never got the whole sipping scotch thing. Even the best of schotch does not taste good or pleasurable to me in the slightest.

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First of all, you can not make a Dark and Stormy with 10 Cane. Although it is an excellent Rum, it is a light Rum and the Dark and Stormy is made with dark Rum and ginger beer. What you are drinking is a Rum and ginger ale.

Second, my favorite Rum cocktail is a Daiquiri. (which is not a frozen cocktail, btw)

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