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East-coast sorta college search?

Asked by kb12345 (435points) March 2nd, 2011

I am a little bit stressed but not too much. I am trying to find a school in the North-East area. Mainly the New England area. I want to go somewhere not too small maybe 8,000–15,000 students (well 15 is pretty big but I think I would do good even at a big school). I want to go to a four year school and into the nursing program at the school which would be my major. I do plan on dorming there definitely I am not too sure/worried about my minor yet, but know I want to do nursing. Is there any schools anyone knows about/attended or knows someone that attended in New England? My GPA is a B average and is currently going up thankfully. Thanks everyone!
P.S does anyone have any tips too for getting my GPA up, or tips for applying for colleges and what they really like to look for, Thanks again!

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