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For those of you who have (had) pet insurance, if you filed a claim, how long before you received a check?

Asked by Jude (32123points) March 2nd, 2011

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I received 30 days worth of pet insurance (complimentary) when I adopted my kitten. He then got sick and the bill was 300 bucks. Just wondering when the cheque would be coming in.

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Funny you should ask… I filed a claim with the AKC’s plan on the 17th of February. I got the check today.—Roughly 2 weeks.

I faxed the claim in, so there was no lag time waiting for it to travel through the mail.

That’s about average.

Of course, how you send the claim, how complicated the claim is, and the fact that individual insurance carriers work on different processing schedules will cause the time to vary.

I think with a $300 bill you’ve certainly met the deductible, so you should be getting a check. Have you gotten any sort of confirmation that your claim was received?

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The vet sent it in for me. No confirmation.

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Confirm with them that the claim was sent and when it was sent. It’s likely that they submit all their claims in a batch, probably toward the end of the month.

If it’s already been more than six weeks, absolutely follow up with the vet’s office.

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lol….you can get pet insurance ?!?

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About 5 or 6 weeks if I remember rightly.

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