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What is your fave song ever?

Asked by zachs08 (40points) April 16th, 2008

Tell me what is your faveorite song..

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Time to admit my deep dark secret….........I love every song ever made by Bon Jovi!
But you know what they say about ‘your first’, so fav would have to be You give love a bad name.

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Talk on Indolence

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I love a lot of songs, but the one which makes me feel kind of “invicible” is Bodies, by the Smashing Pumpkins.

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My all time favorite music to listen to is Mozarts Piano Concerto #12 in A Minor. It is absolutely beautiful!

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Pulling Teeth by Green Day

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more than a feeling by boston best song ever…

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RJD2 – making days longer, i could listen to it over and over, and i have. its just amazing. i mean things change but ever since i heard that song i couldnt get it out of my head or my heart.

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No-one should EVER have to make this decision!

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Chemical Warfare by Slayer

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I don’t want to bite Buster’s style so I will have to pick my other favorite.

” a little row-boat to find ya,
and you said you have get your laundry cleeean…”

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peedub i love that song. i remember riding around in a carseat with my mom rocking that song.

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I talked my friend into playing it at the end of DJ set and the crowd went ape shit!

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love that song! Stole the record from my brother :)

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im with Tennis5tar this is an impossible question to answer. I have over 26k songs to many to choose from and i could never compare a song of one genre to one of another. I could however answer favorite rock song or techno song for instance but not all combined. Latley ive been pretty partial to this but im sure that will probably change in about a week.

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@ubderbatman,dude i asked whats ur fave song, thats all

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@UdderBat= When I first played it, it reminded me of Syd Barrett. You a fan?

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@zachs08 umm… sorry???? nice grammar and all btw ;)

@peedub Yea i am. I am also reminded a lot of the beatles from this song.

This song is also competing for my favorite at the moment.

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Helz yes! That video is soooo great! I love chameleon too.

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Mine changes every few years, but I’m still stuck on “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails.

@wildflower, my partner has everything ever recorded by Bon Jovi (including unreleased stuff) – she’s a fan-atic!

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yaay – she’s my new best friend!

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“Closer” is my favorite lovesong.

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eeee makes me wonder what kind of lover you are buster…..

I always thought this song was about

“Someone is a user. Someone who is incomplete. He needs HER to live. Through her, he finds satisfaction of his power, his dominance, and his lust. Through her, he can vent his fears, his hate—he can let her “have my everything.”

And when it’s all done, she brings him closer to God..”

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Closer will always be one of my favorites, first off because i’m a big nin-nerd and second because it’s so goddamn sexy. other than that, a have a live version of Roxy Music’s Mother of Pearl that will forever move me.

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