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How can magnetic attraction best be used to create the impression of invisible ghosts รก la Scooby Doo villainy?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10452points) March 2nd, 2011

Magnetic physics in a controlled environment to confuse and persuade onlookers into believing that supernatural forces are at work.

What is the best way to go about that?

Make them wear ritual cloaks with ferrous thread?

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You say, “Invisible”. How does that work? What’s to see?

Are you thinking of lifting people with magnets? I can’t imagine you’ll get that to work.

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The “Ghosts” would be touching you and moving things…

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Is this getting at what you want: you have a table with a magnet under it on a rotating surface or arm. On the top of the table, an object moves with with the mechanism under the table?

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thats a very simple trick…

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Yes. I can’t help you unless you are more specific about what you want. Size is critical.Oh, I give up…

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He’s a talking dog. It’s a cartoon. Let it go.

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Lol….Well, you could use it to “float” objects around a room..“ie: Tables, chairs, suits of armour…..and so on…”, Also can be use to “move” metal objects on a person just enough to create the sensation of being “brushed” up against, Lift someone (sitting in a chair) and suspend them in midair…. how many do you need?

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One word: “Zoinks!”

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You can’t trick people with powerful magnets, it’s irresponsible.

And no one accepts the unexpected.

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or… Rut-row…. a ROAST!!

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