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What is there to do in Laredo, Texas?

Asked by global_nomad (1906points) March 2nd, 2011

I’m leading a trip to Laredo, Texas for Spring Break to build houses with Habitat for Humanity. Just curious, what is there for us to do on our down time? Any suggestions?

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I’ve never been to Laredo, but here’s a good site for restaurants that might be of interest.

The Webb County Heritage Foundation sounds interesting, especially since you are there to build houses.

Historic Places of Laredo.

The Laredo Zoo

Not sure if this is open yet, The Laredo Nature Center

Laredo Center for the Arts

Shopping and Historic Tours

I couldn’t find any specific info on microbreweries, or nightclubs, but maybe some one who has been there will have some recommendations. They might also be able to give information on the prettiest viewpoint, the nicest lake (or body of water) the best hiking trails and the best independent book stores, the best park, the coolest architecture or most famous spot for taking photographs. I posted a list of restaurants, but hopefully someone can tell you where to find the best barbecue or Tex-Mex meal.

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Stay out of the way of the drug smugglers and cartels. Laredo is dangerous. Don’t be out alone especially at night. Stay in northern Laredo. Go cowboy boot and hat shopping. Even if you don’t like cowboy boots go in a store. They smell awesome. Check out the firing ranges. I woukd bring a gun or two if I were to go to any Mexican border town. Get out of town to a ranch and go horseback riding and eat some authentic Texas BBQ.

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I spoke to a woman that just visited family in Laredo and she said the gangs ran the place. They would literally stop their car and ask who they were and such. Be careful when you go!

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Find a RedBox and buy popcorn.

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leave on the midnight train to Giorgia (or anywhere else)

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@global_nomad What ever you do, don’t cross the border! I can’t stress how dangerous it is down there. If you are building houses for H4H, check and see if they will have a guide for you with a chaperone. Laredo is right across the border from Nuevo Laredo, MX and very dangerous.

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Walk out the streets one day and keep your eye out for a young cowboy wrapped up in white linen and cold as the clay. The town is famous for it.

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@missingbite Don’t worry, I’ve already been told by enough people not to cross the border. I’m not dumb enough to resist that kind of advice!

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Come little nomad…come to the dark side of the border! You know you want to…Orale!

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