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What age is considered right age for marriage? in your country? And, what is your opinion?

Asked by Bilbo123 (165points) March 3rd, 2011

What age should one marry? Of course, over 18 & 21, I know that.
And, age may vary for boys & girls.
I mean to ask is 25 / 27 / 28 or 30 / 32? What age?
At what age did you marry?
In my opinion, 23 to 25 to 27 is right for girls; and, 25 to 27 to 30 is right for boys to marry. Wot’s your opinion?

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I don’t have an opinion. I think it depends on the individual. I was 25 when I got married, and my husband was 27.

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I think the ‘right’ age is whatever age you are each able to sustain yourself, and have the ability to be independent – and then marry. I think there are too many marriages where one is too dependent on the other.

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Whenever they want to?…Wot does it matter…

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I feel it is a minimum of three years from the moment that you became self supporting and about one to three years from the moment you found someone that you know you want to share the rest of your life with, under the premise that the latter understanding is mutual.

(I wrote know to offset from the people you think you want to share the rest of your life with. I met those kind of women about every other day, when I was eighteen.)

My wife and I got married when I was 32, she was 27 and we had been dating about a year. Not one day of regret since and my family is my pride and joy.

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In the case of my sister, she was married at seventeen…. Heavily pregnant with her daughter as bridesmaid :-/
Myself, although now a divorcee of almost eleven years now, I was married at twenty eight , the same age as the bride….. I think I rushed into it…….. :-/
People should marry, if that’s what they really want :-/....
No younger than sixty IMO, I recon that’s about the time we just need companionship……. And someone to whinge about everything with…… “where’s my dam slippers” “who moved the dam TV remote over there” “shut the dam door” “feed the dam cat” “dam kids in the street again” ” where’s my dam nassle trimmer” “what the hell happened to my dam razor”....... :-/

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I don’t think age comes into it. When you know you have met the right person, and know you want to spend the rest of your life with that person, then the time is right.
That could happen at any age.

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There is no right age to get married for marriage is an understanding of the mind.

Where there is the understanding then the timing is right,

Now the problem is that everyone thinks that they do understand,,,

But real understanding comes when you realise that you are your own husband or wife.

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There is no right age. There is an age at which people are too young. I personally think that young people today aren’t generally ready before around 25. It’s smart to finish college and establish a career before marrying and starting a family.

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We can do what ever we want to do when were are 18, for me personally that is way too young to be considered the right age of marriage. I am thinking more like 20 something and upwards..

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I would not call anyone in their mid-20s a girl or a boy, but a woman and man.

I think the 25 to 30 is the optimal age, but it is fine to get married whenever one feels like it is right to do so.

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I agree with everyone else in their answers.

I think it depends on the couple’s personal situation.

I was 21, my wife was 18. We are still married to each other.

That was 45 years ago.

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I don’t want to get married until I’m at least 28. I want to make sure I’m done dating by that time, that I’m ready to be off the market. I also want to be dating my husband-to-be for a few years.

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30’s is a good time to entrap someone. ;)

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It depends on the person. Some folks are mature enough at 18 to make a marriage work, others are never mature enough to make a marriage work.

When I got married, I was 20 and my hubby was 23. We have our rocky spots here and there, as all married couples do, but we’re going on 11 years now.

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Both my husband and I were in previous marriages and we both tell our children to wait! It seems like a random number, but we both said 30.

I know it just depends on the person, I look at my twenties and now I’m almost 40…getting really close. Each decade I see the changes. I would have waited until my 30’s had I known then what I know now. Yes, I know, hindsight is 20/20.

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Thanks folks!!! Your experiences are varied & valuable. It’s surprising! I was thinking that people in Western world marry at 30 to 35. But learned you are quite early.

Many friends of mine married at around 25; mostly bonded in love marriages.
Most of my Indian friends tie the knot at around 30s in arranged marriages.

So, I conclude 20s to 30s, is when most of the people marry!!!

Thanks again. Wish all of you Happy & life lasting marriage!!!

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