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Do you Type like you Talk?

Asked by coffeenut (6171points) March 3rd, 2011

So….Ya….When Asking/Answering/messaging on Fluther…..Is the way you type it, the way you would say it if you were actually talking to that person ? Or did/do you invent a way of typing for your online fun time?

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What you read is what you get from old John. I would say these exact words to you in person.

Anything else, would be a fictional character and that is not me.

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No, not at all. I’m much more deliberate with what I type. It takes me forever to crank out a Fluther answer because I type a little, think a lot, type a little more, etc. I agonize over the best way to phrase something—the mot juste (I would never say “the mot juste” in actual conversation). Sometimes, when I go back and look at what I’ve written, it looks really Baroque and unconversational, but at least it represents my best take on the subject. Meanwhile several other flutherers will have dashed out much more spontaneous and fluid responses as I give birth to my little overworked offering.

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thorninmud, and your answers show this. all of us are different and that is what makes our world so interesting.

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I do tend to type like I talk. Circuitously. And like I think as well. Good question.

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I type the way I talk.

Sometimes I can become more animated, when I’m feeling like I’m on cloud nine… otherwise, it’s all business for me. The animated “me” shows in my writing when it is such. :)

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Generally, yes. I’m probably a bit more scattered in my speech, as my mind does seem to jump from tangent to tangent. With Fluther, we’re typically on a focused topic which would make my response seem more targeted. But I ramble here, too.

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I used to type like I talk, but the nuance of spoken language (pauses, accented words, and the like) seemed to get lost in the written medium. So over the years, I learned to write more clearly and concisely than how I articulate my thoughts verbally.

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It’s become much closer in the last couple of years as I’ve worked to raise my level of discussion to that of my writing. One major exception: curse words. I will curse verbally on occasion but rarely to never in writing.

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My punctuation may not be quite as good in person, and some of my sentences tend to be incomplete then, too. Otherwise pretty much the same. «- Incomplete sentence example.

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@cprevite hah I’m the opposite. : ]

I used to think I did. I tend to get much more chatty in writing than is usually considered “true, serious, good writing”, so I’ve been told by a few people that I sound like I am talking when my writing’s read. Gah I hope that sentence makes sense.
I guess it’s how I talk on the inside, intention-wise. It’s me translating how I think and feel into words as directly as I can. So in that way, it’s how I ‘talk’, but not how I talk?
Because I don’t actually talk very much at all in real life, and when I do I keep it light-hearted and slightly off target of what I’m really getting at, which I don’t think I do when I write.

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Yup. Although pronouncing the semicolons I’m so fond of can be rough on my throat.

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I type the way I talk, I just leave out the occasional ‘ums’ you might here if we were talking face to face. :)

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Yes, I believe so, except for the lack of inflection.:-D

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Sometimes,but I make eben more typos when I speak.;)

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I’m just as articulate in my written communications as I would be in giving an answer to someone I was talking to in a normal conversation.

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Exactly – you should hear my talkos!

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Yep, especially when I use a bunch of (parentheses) and small font.

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I type and talk in different ways. Obviously, the two are related, but the fact is that the articulatory organs are different.

NONE of us write the way we talk. It’s bizarre to think otherwise.

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For the most part I do, which is why you see a LOT of “strong/emphasis words” in my comments. My fingers try to get a point across the same way my brain does. It doesn’t always work out exactly as I intend, but oh well. When you read my comments and think, “Boy, she uses the bold feature or quotation marks way too much,” it’s because I try to type something as I would say it. The words I emphasize when speaking are the words I emphasize when typing.

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I think I am a little more articulate when I type than when I speak. Sometimes I will go back and change a word to make a sentence have a more better precicse meaning. I also tend to stammer a little bit when I talk. And thank goodness, when you are typing, you have that 30 second delay (like they do on TV and radio broadcasts) so you can rethink she meant to say bleep out what you were going to say.

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usually yes, full paragrafs & everything

except that i do go back & correct all my mistakes when i write—or intend to anyway

not right now

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Awwwwww, poor, sweet, broken Jeruba… :(

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Almost exactly – I’m all over eloquent, yo.

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Why aye man. A mean howay, a gorra dee a canny bit of slaverin on like ya nar so a get me point across & arl that.

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I talk like I type. Like today, I’ve been in a bit of a snippy mood, it tends to reflect itself in my answers.

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Yeah it’s all me, just without the swearing ( bad language ) :-/

Are you a geordie then @ucme

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I answer questions here without much pondering or analyzing. However, before sending the comment, I check facts and writing.

When prompted, I can speak fairly clearly also. I always enjoyed being in front of an audience, as long as I was able to speak about what I knew. Even fielding questions became fun. And it was always easier with notes only and not some long written screed.

What was the question?

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@Scooby Well, slightly more refined than your typical mag. Look further north & that’s where i’ll be found marra.

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@ucme “slightly more refined than your typical mag“.

Nee bother………
A rare breed indeed ;-)

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Hardly. I cuss a whole lot less when I talk.

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Yes I do type the way I speak, but I always look over what I have written before I submit my answer/question

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