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What traditional playing card games do you play & is it just for fun or is cold hard cash involved?

Asked by ucme (50037points) March 3rd, 2011

Oh you know the deal, pun intended! Poker/black jack that kind of thing. How often do you play? Do you gamble with friends? Are you any good?

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I’ve recently started playing Texas Hold ‘em again (not for cash), and I heavily enjoy another card game, but it isn’t a traditional one. It’s called Caravan.

(+1 Game knowledge if you happen to know what caravan is from)

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Played a lot of poker back in college with friends, but we usually only bet with change. I love to play any of the other traditional card games on occasion like war, blackjack, gin rummy, go fish, etc…

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@Prosb Yeah, Fallout New Vegas of course….happy days :¬)

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@ucme Yea, I was playing Caravan around a month ago on Fallout, when i realized I could just use two decks of cards to play it with friends in real life! I’ve taken more of a liking to it than they have though.

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@Prosb Never got into Caravan..but I think I just might, now!
However, Rats Crew will always dominate as my favorite cardgame.

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I used to play cribbage with my grandfather. Later I played pontoon and 13 card brag with friends and later still snap with my kids. Nowadays I hardly play cards at all.

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Cribbage! And Hearts, and Spades.

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Texas Hold ‘Em, Blackjack, and Egyptian Rat Screw are the only card games I really play. I’ve gambled once or twice on them, but I really don’t like to because it would be more interesting to just watch the cash circle the drain on a toilet instead.

I’m really not that big a fan of card games, but I’ll play them with my boys at the bar.

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Hold ‘em (I like other variations of poker, as well.)
Hand & Foot
Egyptian Rat Screw
...are my absolute favorites.
I love playing cards, but I don’t gamble.

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Poker. Just for fun. With friends. Once a week. I’d like to be better.

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I love to play cribbage.

I used to play Pinochle a lot.

I have played Poker.

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Hearts, and a little of both. I rarely pass up an opportunity for some tax-free income.

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I play Euchre about once a month with friends we each put in $5 for the evening and the winner and second place each get a share of the pot, as does the low scorer.

I also like Poker, but I’m not very good and I don’t play it much.

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If you consider Skittles and sunflower seeds “cold hard cash,” then I guess there would be cold hard cash involved. Otherwise, I play just for fun.

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Pontoon and my favourite is Cribbage. My dad and brother taught me to play cribbage but it isn’t a popular game in Australia so I tend to play online when I do. I also like Canasta.

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Thanks all, good stuff. Nothing like counting a few well earned notes at the end of a satisfying game or three. In moderation naturally, only bet what’s affordable in the unlikely event of my losing. Got to happen one day…...yeah right! ;¬}

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When I taught my kids poker we used to play with pennies, nickles and dimes and they got to keep their winnings. Once I got the real Vegas style poker chips they only want to use them now. They only play for millions now and always ends with one of them going all in.

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Three card Guts. Or Seven Card Stud.

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We occasionally have a Texas Hold ‘Em night at a friend’s house for a $10 buy in, but I play all different kinds of poker just for fun. I also loves Spades, Hands and Feet, Battle, Speed, and Bullshit.

@JmacOroni Oh.My.God. I used to play Egyptian Rat Screw in high school during study hall, and that was one of the greatest card games ever! I’ve totally forgotten how to play it now, but I remember how much fun it was.

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No bridge players here? Curious because that is a marvelous and ever-fascinating game. Over the years I have played for petty cash only, but it did make it interesting.

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I just learned the game Nerts. It’s a really great game, simple to learn, always challenging, can be done quickly. My friends and I have been playing it daily over afternoon tea.

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I’m not really a poker fan, but I do enjoy a game of, ahem, “President” while I drink. Not for money, though, just entertainment.

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High-Low-Jack (also called Pitch) is my favorite game. My dad taught me when I was twelve or so, and we’d always play while watching baseball or Monty Python. In high school, my friends and I used to play during study hall, enormous eight person games, or pairs.

I’ve never gambled at it, but I used to be good.

I also like Rummy, Golf, Hearts, Spoons, Crazy Eights, and Rook. Rook technically uses a different deck, but I think it can be played with a normal deck, and it’s like a cross between High-Low-Jack and Hearts.

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@hobbitsubculture ohh, I love that game. I play it with my husband all the time.

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@JmacOroni Lucky you. My partner typically hates card games, but maybe he’ll be more interested now that our dvd player doesn’t work and the VCR only works at times of its choosing.

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I don’t think I could have married a person that doesn’t like to play cards. I really like cards.

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This thread and the one about board games has inspired me to instigate game night. We are going to play games for one night of the week. I have heaps of board games sitting on the shelf that we forget to play now. I am going to buy Risk too. I haven’t played it but I have heard (apart from here) that it is a great game. @JmacOroni I love cards too. And backgammon which I forgot to mention in my earlier post. Ty @ucme for your great questions. Hmm this is sort of a blended post across two threads.

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@Mz_Lizzy I responded to your last comment on the board games thread, because my response is about RISK.

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I play cribbage and canasta with my kids.

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@tranquilsea both great games. I couldn’t find Risk anywhere and the games shop closed down :-( @hobbitsubculture.

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@Mz_Lizzy I really love canasta. I rock at that game. I have had many games where I can go down and out all in one fell swoop and leave the other player(s) with all their cards in their hands. But then I had many games where making 120 is nearly impossible as I seem to be allergic to wild cards.

Has anyone here ever had a 29 game in cribbage? The closest I’ve come is 24.

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Oh! Another great game is rummoli which is a cross between poker and a board game.

As a family we’ve had a ton of fun with spoons. It can get loud and a bit violent as someone tries to wrestle your spoon away but you can easily take care of that by instituting a “no touch” rule. This game could easily translate to a drinking game too.

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