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How much should it cost to replace a bathroom ceiling fan?

Asked by robhubbs (41points) April 16th, 2008 from iPhone

One electrician told me 4 hours labor plus parts. Seemed like a lot of time but who knows.

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4 hours labor is ridiculous. As long as you know where the fuse box is and are able to shut off power to the fan before removal, it’s actually very easy. It’ll probably take 45 minutes or so for the whole procedure.

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i agree four hours is too long. as long as the preexisting wiring is fine it wouldnt take me more than an hour. its not hard if you got the tools you should it yourself.

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$66 magos adn do it your self.

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It’s been a few years since I replaced a fan but I don’t know think you’re going to need anything more than a phillips head screw driver and some new twisty-wire connector things.

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you mean wirenuts.

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I replaced a 40lb version in a cathedral ceiling – if I can do it, anyone can do it.

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It depends on what you mean. I have an older house with round ducts for the bathroom fans. It seems that you can’t buy the motors anymore but round duct blowers are easy to get. I take the motor out of the duct heater, install a plug and put the motor on the holder. It takes longer to go the the hardware store and buy the motor than it does to replace it.

If, however you are changing the whole fixture from the old fashion duct blower to the newer rectangular fans with flexible ducts to feed the air out to the roof, 4 hours is a very reasonable time frame.

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