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Holiday destinations : You have but two options available, a safari trek in Kenya or scuba diving in the caribbean. Which gets your vote?

Asked by ucme (46855points) March 3rd, 2011

Okay, maybe none of the above appeals to you & hey, that’s just fine. That being the case it may be wise to…..ooh I know, butt out! For the rest of you who perhaps see the attraction in such locations/activities, answer away. Personally i’d hit the safari trail everytime.

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I’d love to safari! That’s my pick…. safari.

…. so when can I expect my plane ticket?

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Definitely a scuba dive in the Caribbean. My honeymoon was a cruise in and around the Caribbean and the turquoise waters and undersea visibility (we went snorkeling) are amazing. Besides, Africa is just too volatile of a continent right now in some places. A safari someday, though, for sure.

I bet a safari in India would be terrific also.

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@Allie Yeah, you & me both. Chance would be a fine thing :¬)

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Safari so-goody, i’m not taking the pith outta that helmet…..wouldn’t dream of it.

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Safari. You couldn’t PAY me to go to any sort of beach vacation. Besides, where can you see lions? Only in Kenya! Kenya believe it?!

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lol….No contest…..scuba diving No safari with my luck…..I’d be eaten by a Zebra…

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I would pick the Safari, but I would prefer somewhere other than Kenya. I want to go somewhere that will let me kill my own meals.

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I’ve actually already been on a safari trek in Kenya (back in 2006), so I’m down down for the scuba diving in the Caribbean. Haven’t been to the Caribbean much…

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Scuba diving every time! Never get tired of that especially warm clear Caribbean waters.

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My dream is to go to Africa. The Caribbean is too commercial.

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Normally, I would say diving in the Caribbean, but the safari in Kenya would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so I would choose that.

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Safari. I am scared of deep water.

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the caribbean. if it gets too hot, hop back in the water!

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I’m the opposite of @DominicX. I’ve been on scuba trips in the Caribbean many times, so I’d want to go on the Kenyan safari and see something new.

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Absolutely Safari.
You can go the Caribbean any old time.

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Safari! That’s something I have always wanted to do. I have been snorkeling in the Gulf of Mexico (close enough to the Caribbean) and I get seasick snorkeling…and I don’t know how to scuba dive.

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Safari Caribbean Safari Caribbean Is there an option to lurvewhore and give herbal brownies for the opportunity to do both?

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Same as @ladymia69

Besides I swim like a brick…....... :-/
Safari it is…......

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Safari. I’ve already been to the Caribbean.

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Definitely the safari. I’d also want to just be in Kenya for a while, absorb the culture and stuff. I think that would be crazy interesting/fun/informative.

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If you love water go to the Caribbean. I haven’t done that. On the other hand, if you get a kick out of watching a deer come out of the woods, go to Kenya. Picture this: you’re in a small van with a pop up top and driving out of Nairobi. 15 minutes out of the city, someone softly says, “Giraffes at three o’clock.” Five minutes later, someone else says, “Zebras at one o’clock.” This goes on for your whole trip! Hippopotami, leopards, hyenas, rhinoceroses, gazelles, crocodiles and lions, plus many more species of animals. It’s a once in a life time experience. . . .but if you love water. . .

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Safari sounds interesting to me.:)

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They both sound like amazing experiences, id personally go with the scuba diving, but im pretty biased in that aspect :P

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Done the Caribbean scuba diving, so now I want to go on Safari!

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Safari although that is a really hard choice!

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Even though i would absolutely love to go scuba diving in the caribbean,,, I can’t as i CAN’T SWIM….
safari’s are good but there’s the issue of mosquitoes that always bothers me…

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Another thing to consider is scuba diving I would think that you will see many more species than you would in the safari but more so, scuba diving you can get a lot closer to the animals and actually interact with some. Not so much on the safari. Not going to go pettin a lion and such :P

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Safari, every time!

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