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Can I just send my fellow flutherers a message?

Asked by MilkyWay (13685points) March 3rd, 2011

I hope the mods let this through,, please please ,,please.
I just wanted to say to my friends on fluther:
It’s great having you around and I feel so glad I found this little community ( or not so little, you know what I mean). You have made me laugh countless times and have made a positive change in my life… THANK YOU ALL. Mwah.

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I was told there was going to be cheese and dip at this party. Is there any beer or alcohol of some kind at least?

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Jelly love is the best love!

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What Fluther needs is a message board.

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YaY kinky Fluther lurve… lol

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The feeling is mutual

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It all began on Valentine’s Day for me ;o)
Big Lurve atya @queenie, glad to be paddlin’ the pool with you. x

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Back atcha Queenie! Free lurve to all, and to all a good night!

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Thanks for the love and some back to you.

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So glad your smiling, this place has the same affect on me…..
Bunch of weirdo’s if you ask me, Lol ………;-)x

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After the day I had yesterday (on Fluther) this really made my day. Thanks for such a sweet message. And lurve right back at ya!

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Thank you for the kind thoughts, but this message makes me wonder if there’s something you’ve not told us. Is there?

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:)) Right back at ya!

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Wow. Who knew? Mods are susceptible to groveling and begging?

What a great place this is, fur shur.

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Nothing like a little lurve before bed time!

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Right back ‘atcha ;]

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Thanks. I am glad the Mods said it was OK.

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Laughter truly can be the best medicine….well I mean it’s not going to heal a severed limb but you catch my drift. Happy days :¬)

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D’awwww. I lurve lurve threads. xoxo.

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@CaptainHarley ACTUALLY , I usually get this feeling when somethin bad is about to happen and I got that feelin when I decided to give out my love…. and you know what?
I just came back from the hospital with a broken leg . . . had to have a plaster cast done aswell LOL. LOVE YOU ALL LOTS…............ MWAH XXXXXX

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OUCH! Heal up quickly, hon. [ HUGGGGGS ]

( I’ve had so many broken bones, I’ve lost track! ) LOL!

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@CaptainHarley thanks capt’n…

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You’re very welcome! : ))

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OMG! @queenie! You and Jeruba should have a virtual 3 legged race party!

Are there any other flutherites that have broken a limb in the last week? What about anybody with a broken heart? We’re here to help.

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