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Cancun in August?

Asked by Stefaniebby (1170points) March 3rd, 2011

Basically I want to take my boyfriend on a trip to Cancun. The only time he has ever been on vacation was when he went to Florida as a young boy and to South Dakota (and we live in Minnesota, so that’s not much of a vacation.) I have been to Cancun before, I went in April a few years ago and LOVED it. Best place ever.

Anyways, I wanted to go on this vacation end of May, early June. He wants to go late August. As I been talking to my coworkers and friends about his plan for late August people have been saying things like “Oh it’s going to be HOT” or “Oh it’s not going to be much fun cause it wont be busy and tourist-y”. Things like that.
Now, when I remember going to Cancun in April it was f*cking hot. Is August really going to be way hotter, like unbearable?

Is it not going to be a huge party 24/7? Not that I wouldn’t mind a nice, quiet vacation. I just want to get hammered on a beautiful beach with my boyfriend… and party…

So my question here is what do you think? Have you been to Mexico in August? Is it awful? Should I shoot for May/June or wont it really matter?

Thanks for helping!! XOXO

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It wouldn’t be unbearably hot, just, you know, hot. Have fun!

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It’s close to the equator, right? I can’t imagine the weather changing that much, then, as the sun is rather dead on the equator all year long. I went down that way one November, and it was quite broiling. Just go. Have fun!

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@aprilsimnel Cancun is at 21 degrees North, the equator is crosses down in South America.

Yes, it will be hot, but it is by the sea. You stay by the pool or the beach and jump in the water when you get too hot. Then drink a margarita…

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Oh! Well, I stand corrected :)

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Thank you for your opinions! I am now even more excited to go!

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August is smack in the middle of hurricane season and Cancun can (and does) get hammered.

I would not go there then.

Also, Mexico is kind of dangerous for Americans right now. Another reason I would not choose to go there.

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I’ve heard a lot of people say Mexico is ‘dangerous’ right now. But it can’t be dangerous if I stay in the resort, which is all I want to do. I don’t need to go out and go shopping for crap I don’t need.

But I did not know August is hurricane season, sh*t!

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“Cancun hurricane season lasts from June to November with the highest chance of a hurricane occurring being in September and October.

There have been two major hurricane events in Cancun’s tourism history. Hurricane Gilbert on Sept 15th 1988 and Hurricane Wilma on 21 October 2005. Hurricanes don’t hit Cancun every year, far from it.

In August 2007 Cancun had a lucky near miss. Hurricane Dean looked dead set to strike Cancun with a ferocity similar ot that of Wilma. 48 hours beforehand Dean changed course and ended up making landfall some 200 miles south.”


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