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How was the world created in your eyes?

Asked by zachs08 (40points) April 16th, 2008

What do you think created ‘EARTH’

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man’s greatest mystery

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Perhaps a big bang, perhaps by some God, perhaps a big bang caused by some God, whatever. I don’t really care, I can’t prove it anyway and how earth was created doesn’t affect how much I can enjoy life :)

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Well, I don’t believe in a higher-power, so I going the route of the scientific community and will say it was amassed over a huge amount of time by swirling dust particles that compacted together + other stuff.

But if you want to actually do the opposite and destroy Earth, check out this site.

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We’re all made of star dust.

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In the words of Rabbi Natan Slifkin

God essentially created two conflicting accounts of Creation: one in nature, and one in the Bible. How can it be determined which is the real story, and which is the fake designed to mislead us? One could equally propose that it is nature which presents the real story, and that the Biblewas devised by God to test us with a fake history! One has to be able to rely on God’s truthfulness if religion is to function. Or, to put it another way—if God went to enormous lengths to convince us that the world is billions of years old, who are we to disagree?

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Oh, a nice quote: “some say God exists, some say he doesn’t. As always, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle”.

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mainly the sun…

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It was something called “The Big Bang” many, many eons ago.

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