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What's a good, inexpensive piece of luggage?

Asked by finkelitis (1907points) May 12th, 2007
I'd like one with wheels. Preferably the biggest that still fits in carryon, though if it's the bigger than that, I suppose that would be ok too.
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Better to buy quality if you plan to travel a lot. It is easy to find the dimensions that qualify for carry-on. Google any of the airlines., Travelsmith,LLBean, Land's End, have good luggage choices.
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i got a cute rolly suitcase at ross, they have plenty of decent ones and I think mine was about $45 or $50..... the carry on size is pretty small though. since they're pretty cheap you could always buy a couple, small one for short trips, bigger for big trips...easy!
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You might want to check out Costco.
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If you're looking for packing volume and cheap, without many features, an army surplus canvas duffle can be a good buy.
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I've gotten some good, sturdy, high-quality-but-not-so-fancy-it's-gonna-ge-stolen luggage at Marshalls, TJ MAXX and Ross, and it's even cheaper than Costco.

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