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Will my red swollen fingers and toes go away by itself?

Asked by iScizoX2 (26points) March 3rd, 2011

i had fever, chills and a sore throat last night. it all went away though. Now, all of a sudden i got these swollen chubby/puffy red fingers and toes. my fingers kind of burn when i put them next too heat :/. and they feel warm to touch, they also feel sore when i make my hand into a fist.

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Yikes, sounds a bit unusual—have you had this before? If it was me, I would ask a doctor, or see one.

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The way you describe your fingers and toes sounds to me like you have been outside in very cold weather, and they have gotten a little frost-bitten. Being the result of a fever or sickness seems like kind of bad news to me. Like your immune system is going haywire, your lymphatic system is having some serious issues, and/or your circulatory system has got problems. All of which mean you should get checked out. Especially if you have been up and moving around for a bit, and it doesn’t go away. Having your hand over your head so the circulation is kind of restricted can have some of the same effects, but all of your extremities? No, I think you could be a bit more ill than a simple cold or the flu. At the very least, call a doctor or the emergency room, and see if you can talk to a nurse or something.

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Seriously, go to a doctor.

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What you posted sounds like glove and sock syndrome caused by Parvovirus B19. But you should really see a doctor.

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Did you call the doctor?

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it’s all gone. a little fatigue, but it’s all fading away. im just curious about the swollen fingers and toes >;/ even though its gone :D

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You are probably going to want to take a multivitamin with iron for awhile, as anemia and fatigue are a side effect of parvovirus. When the kids had Fifth Disease, which is caused by the same thing, they were pretty wiped out for a few weeks. Eat healthy and get plenty of rest.

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This reminds me of a story…

Once upon a time a middle-aged guy woke up in the morning to find a rash on his penis. Being of a certain age and having experienced all kinds of various skin problems in his life, he didn’t give it a lot of thought, and figured it would go away sooner or later.

A week later, it hadn’t gone away; it had only spread to cover most of his penis. A few days later, a black spot looking like a bruise started where the rash had first begun. Naturally, this got him a bit concerned, but since there was no unpleasant feeling he decided to continue to ignore the symptoms and hope they’d go away.

Another week went by. The black spot had spread, and now a little pain set in when he touched the black spot. Finally feeling concerned, he visited his family doctor, who ran some tests and told him that he wasn’t sure what it was, but he thought he should refer the man to a specialist, which he did. He made the referral and advised the man to make an appointment quickly, because he was afraid of the possibilities and what it might be.

At his next appointment, the specialist also ran some tests, and gravely announced to the man, “I’m afraid it’s pretty serious, and if it’s what I think it is we may have to amputate to keep it from spreading, since you’ve neglected it for too long. But I’m going to call in a colleague for a consultation because of the serious nature of what we’re looking at.”

The specialist consulted with his colleague, who also gave a thorough exam of his own. The colleague then confirmed the man’s worst fears, “I’m afraid the initial prognosis was correct, and that amputation is in order in order to keep the infection from spreading and killing you. I’m sorry to have to say that.”

The man asked for some time to think over what they had said. In a near panic, he drove to a local Chinatown, where he consulted with an herbalist that some friends of his had always sworn by. He privately discussed his symptoms with the herbalist, who agreed to do his own exam and prognosis in his own examination room. After a short exam and consultation, the herbalist announced to the man, “You need this list of seven herbs and vitamins. This fix you right up. No cut.” He shook his head emphatically to emphasize, “No cut!”

Incredibly relieved, the man bought the entire list of herbs and vitamins from the smiling Chinese gentleman, on the spot. As he was paying for the purchases he waxed enthusiastic. “The western doctors I went to see said that I’d have to have an operation and an amputation. I can’t tell you how relieved I am that these herbs and vitamins are all that I need! I’m just thrilled that I won’t need to have my penis cut off!”

The herbalist responded, “No, you no need cut. In a week, ten days, that thing shrivel up and dry out. It fall off by its own self!”

Hopefully, you’ll never get that.

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