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Do you support Geert Wilders?

Asked by Vincentt (8074points) April 16th, 2008

If so, could you say what you like about his views? I’d really like a serious discussion with a supported.

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i wonder if the americans know him, then again, he’s on international news…well, to no surprise, i think he’s just like firework, he ignites, people watch in awe, and when he’s burnt up he’ll be thrown with the trash…

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I’ll represent ‘the Americans’, as you put it, and say that I don’t know who he is. But a quick Google search remedied that. I only read a little, but he sort of sounds like a nut. Which just goes to show: these people are everywhere. What is the Dutch public’s sentiment about him?

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Thanks Les, that kind of confirms my thought that he isn’t that “famous” in foreign countries (even though he’d probably like to think so).
In the poll’s he has quite some support, but as no other political parties would be willing to join a coalition with him, he’d need a majority on his own and he doesn’t have that (hooray for the Dutch electoral system!). He currently as nine out of 150 seats in parliament, a result from the election in 22 Novermber 2006.

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On one hand, it’s too bad no Wilders supporters have replied, as I’d like a discussion, but on the other hand it says something about the quality of the Fluther community :)

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