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What does this blood test mean?

Asked by tan235 (877points) March 4th, 2011

My friend recently got all his bloods done.
His ASO test was high – I think a normal range is 200 and his was 313.
Aso is for strep – however he doesn’t have an obvious infection – outside of having a rash which he’s had for years – which most doctors have said is nothing.

Is this dangerous his levels?
Everything else in his test was normal?
Does this mean he’s contagious?


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If he was contagious I’m sure he would have been prescribed some antibiotics. If the doctor who read his test results didn’t show any major concern then I wouldn’t worry to much.

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A high ASO range usually means that a strep infection WAS present. “ASO levels peak at about 4 to 6 weeks after the illness and then taper off but may remain at detectible levels for several months after the strep infection has resolved. [...] If the ASO level is high or is rising, then it is likely that a recent strep infection has occurred. ASO levels that are initially high and then decline suggest that an infection has occurred and may be resolving.” cite.

So since it’s likely the strep is actually over, your friend isn’t contagious.

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