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For the guys, how often do you have your haircut?

Asked by elhaha1001 (383points) March 4th, 2011

I’m just curious of how often do you need to have a haircut..

Because for some time my hair will start growing long and looks weird, and i would feel like going to have it cut again.

But should that be in a short period of time? how often do you go to the barber?

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Every two weeks for a cut and once a week for clean up of my line.

It really depends on your hair and your style. For me, I have to always have a fresh cut look so… its my vice.

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Every six months or so, I like having longer hair but it gets to the point where my hair is too heavy and thick to be manageable so I have to chop it off.

During the summer it’s once every two.

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I keep my hair really short, and I get it cut every 4 weeks. I should save money, invest in some clippers and do it myself but I don’t have the nerve.

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Even though I am retired, I still wear my police haircut, which is very short almost to the scalp. Old habits are sometimes hard to break.

In order to keep up my appearance, it’s every two weeks. My hair grows very fast and I am fortunate that I still have my hair to be cut.

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I get mine cut about every 5 – 7 weeks depending on how annoying it gets.

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Every 4 weeks or so also depending on occasions that crop up.

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My husband goes once a month. He has a standing second-Saturday-of-the-month at 9AM appointment with his barber.

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I had my first haircut in two years about a month ago. I only had abot three inches cut off. Before two years ago I shaved my head with a number 1 guard every Friday.

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Some years I adopt a “seasonal” cut: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, where I just pick up the clippers, attach the #4 comb and take it all down to about 5/8” (according to the measure on the comb). But sometimes I do that more often than four times a year, too.

It’s way easier than you imagine, @downtide.

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I haven’t had one in about 15 years.

It’s not a fashion statement. It’s just that I have that sort of wavy hair that I could never really figure out what to do with. So, about 15 years ago I decided to quit worrying about it and tie it back to keep it out of my face. Tucking my tail in gives me a reasonably professional look, especially from the front. Other than the occasional tangling once and awhile it is pretty darned low maintenance. Just wash it, comb it out, and tie it back after it dries a bit.

Of course, when it starts looking like a comb over I go to the next step, the razor.

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I finally got tired of looking at a receding hairline a couple of years ago and cut off all my hair. Being in the military too, visits to the barber every couple of weeks got old and was a waste of money when I could just groom myself. I now razor shave it about twice a month and use an electric razor when the stubble gets too long in-between then.

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depends on your cut to determine how quickly it looks unruly.
I personally go every 4–6 weeks. It varies also depending on season.

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Seems to be about once a month. I like to keep it short. :)

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Every 6 to 8 weeks depending if I have a date or an special event to attend then I not only trim the hair but get the whole nine yards done to look immaculate. Otherwise, I just chop it off when I can’t stand it any longer, which may turn out about 8 weeks or so.

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I never get mine professionally cut. Will trim it up myself a couple times a year when necessary. Been probably over a year, actually, since my last trimming.

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Once a month or so. I get it cut once my sideburns start looking like wings.

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Forgetabout going to a barber. Learn to cut your own hair. Why pay someone to make you look bad when you can do that yourself for FREE. I have been cutting my own hair for the last 30 years and have saved $4K to $5K. I cut my hair every 2 to 4 weeks.

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I’ve been meaning to get it cut. When I maintained a shorter style, it was every month or two.

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When it starts obstructing my vision.

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Shaved once a fortnight, bzzzzzzzz….......

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Once I started losing my hair, I have buzzed it about every 5 weeks.
Before that, it wasn’t unusual for me to go 2 years without a haircut.

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Get it trimmed evey 5weeks

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