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If you could go back in time and change something, what would it be?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13635points) March 4th, 2011

There are many of us here on Fluther and we all vary in ages. Tell us something that you wish you could go back in time and change due to what you know about life now.

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Nothing, because I like where I am now and I got here with the decisions I made in the past.

Although, if I could change one thing without disrupting the present too much. It would be to do better in college.

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I wish I wasn’t a bad drug addict and criminal when I was younger even though Im a lot better I still have cravings and have relapsed before.

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@buster I’m glad you’re doing better!

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I wouldn’t have married my first wife and I would have had the hospital/cancer treatment center start stem cell transplants for my dad’s cancer earlier than they planned to before it was too late to do so, which is what happened.

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I would have had more children, but due to circumstances we only had the one child, who I love with all my heart

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It would be going to about a year and a half ago, and deciding to go for it rather than convincing myself I was in the way.

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Prevent the asteroid impact that killed off the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

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I wouldn’t change a thing :)

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I wish I could go back in time and approach cutting my front lawn in a different manner. Instead of wearing track shoes to cut the grass that morning, I walked out of my house with my house shoes on. The grass was still a little wet from the morning dew. This made for a dangerous situation, when I began cutting the grass on the embankment. You guessed it. My feet slid out from underneath me and I rolled down the embankment and hit some concrete with my back. At least one broken vertabrae in my lower back. This was in the early 80s, when endoscopy had not been invented. The surgeon had to cut all the muscles on the right side of my spine, in order to reach the damaged disc. I recovered from the disc, but I have never recoved from the cut muscles in my back. They have never been the same and hurt constantly.

I made that mistake that morning and I have paid for it for the last 25 years.

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I would go back and drive a lot more carefull when I was 16 to 22. I had a lot of fun, but I also tore up a lot of sheet metal. And fence posts, telephone poles, a few gates, and a culvert.
And I would have told John to watch out that day. Mine seems pretty trivial after his.

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Adirondack, did you actually pass your drivers test?

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@JP I passed the test no problem. What i messed up was the IQ test. We loved to race, do slide jobs, donuts, and other stupid stuff.

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I would go back and get the Fluther founders not to leave.

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I would have been a more relaxed and joyful parent when my kids were little.

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I would’ve relaxed and enjoyed high school more. I was such a serious kid, and I missed out on a lot of other things because of that. However, I’m happy with where I am now and don’t really regret any of the decisions I’ve made.

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My underwear, right after I first watched The Shining. Ewwww…..

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While I don’t believe in regrets and I agree with the sentiment that what has happened in my life has been instrumental in me becoming who I am and therefore I don’t want to change any major events, there are a few things I would try to do different.

For instance, if I could go back and change things, I would fly home to see my dad when I first found out he was sick because despite what I was told, he did not get better.

I would also not lose my temper with my brother as I did a few years ago because while his response has been pretty over the top, there would have been no need for a response if I had held my temper.

I would like to go back and spend more time hugging and kissing and playing with my kids. Just because they are damn fine people and I would love to be able to do that again.

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Only one thing? I have a list!

If I could have the same two children, just never have the first husband involved, I would change getting married the first time around.

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I want to change the way I study. I was very bad in academics. Everything was fine because of luck!
I just wish that I had studied better. But you can’t change the past. Get real!

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I would go back and wear my retainer. I didn’t, for whatever reason, and my teeth have shifted back and they look bad. At 22 I have many years of regretting this and wishing I had prettier teeth ahead of me.

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If one could go back in time he wouldn’t change sh**. And this is because you can’t actually consider going back in time and keeping all your memories intact. Oh and even if you do one needs to consider that a person is made by circumstances…. and usually a persons forgets bad things after a while. [ if you don’t believe it try to remember your days in kindergarden / school / high school / early days of employement . How much do you remember from there ? Not much and even if you do remem ber bad things that happen you don’t remember them as awfull as they were.

Not back to time changing .. I think most would just sit back and enjoy the “show” [ if it can be named a show ].

Cheers ^^

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Ok like a pringle… I can’t have just one….

I think I’d love to do something like go back in time during the Constitutional Conventions etc. and show all the founding fathers an all day documentary marathon of the history of America between then and now to see what they heck they’d change. They may likely do some bad things I wouldn’t agree with such as figure out a way to never end slavery or never allow women to vote but they may do some other great things such as keeping banks/the Fed from getting the way it has, prevent corporations from ever being voted in as if they had the rights of an individual citizen or prevent them from being more than temporary entities or maybe write into law that the media be required to only report facts or laws to require a particular IQ or the passing of a voting competency test in order to qualify to vote & who knows perhaps I could somehow pop into the room in a way that would make them think I was an angel from God so I could somehow convince them to not cancel out my vote or convince them to end slavery – though I somehow don’t think I look very angelic LOL.

Or maybe I’d go back and somehow get a better video of the magic bullet from the grassy knoll when Kennedy got shot – better yet why not just hold something up to block the shot at just the right time and have it do a magic ricochet to hit the guy who planned the whole thing in the first place. Wonder what would have been different had Kennedy been able to serve a full term & double wonder who the heck was truly at the controlling decision on that whole thing.

Or maybe I’d sneak into Hitler’s prison cell and suffocate him right before the whole Mein Kampf &/or holocaust idea popped into his head & see how that would change the world

Or perhaps I’d visit the tribes in North America and give them a heads up about the small pox toting bandits headed their way (though my own life may be deleted in that whole event considering half my ethnicity is white) – Same scenario in Africa

or perhaps I’d zip back and find out if Jesus actually existed and was what he was cracked up to be or was just the retold story of Dionysus (minus the beer) & Osiris that a bunch of goofballs have fallen for over thousands of years.

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I’d go back and convince my grandfather to not join the RCAF. He wouldn’t have died and left my mother an eventual orphan. As a result she wouldn’t have held an enormous amount of anger towards life and tangentially taken that anger out on us.

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Oh hey – I think I may also go have a meeting with Nostradamus and try to figure out whether or not he really knew what the heck he was talking about cause I sure as hell don’t

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