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Do horoscopes really have a significance?

Asked by Latina1486 (20points) March 4th, 2011


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only if you believe they do

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lol….Ya, They are great for entertainment….. I wouldn’t use them as a life guide though….

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What about dreams do they really mean something?

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Do you really believe someone has the “power” to “read” the stars and predict the future? Answer that question honestly and you’ll have the answer to your question.

Dreams are manifestations of your psyche that happen because your brian can’t shut off like the rest of your body does. They are just your thoughts, not the thoughts of others or predictions of the future.

Looking for answers in anything but yourself and the present is just a waste of time in my opinion.

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I hope dreams don’t really mean something because I dreamed my dad shot my cat twice with a deer rifle the other night and I woke up and was ready to go shoot him in the kneecaps before I realized it was a bad dream.

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Now fortune cookies they are more accurate than Nostradamus.

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They signify that some people are gullible and not very interested in scientific fact.

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I looked at mine today just for s&g, it was totally off the mark

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No, horoscopes do not have any meaning. Dreams don’t have meanings either; however, certain things such as constant nightmares may indicate psychological or medical problems.

Horoscopes take advantage of the fact that people more easily remember things that support their theories. So if a horoscope predicts that something bad might happen in your day, when evaluating the truthfulness of the horoscope, you are more likely to remember more of the bad things in your day, no matter how small. This would make the horoscope seem more correct than it really is.

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I know some people who don’t connect with their horoscopes, but mine are almost spot on every time! Its like someone’s watching me! (also, im very much a capricorn, or what they say capricorns are like).

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Absolutely. They have significance to the person who is being paid to write them.

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They have never worked for me, so no!

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There are some things that correlate with what part of the year you are born in. E.g. most professional athletes are born in a few month window because they end up being the big kids in school and are better at sports and get encouraged, etc…

In the past (and probably in some parts of the world now) the time of the year you conceived (and therefore born) would correlate to what the mother eats. I’m sure that had some impact.

But no, horoscopes as used these days are meaningless. They are all written so generically that you can always find a way to fit your day/life/etc… into them.

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there is a big difference between horoscopes and actual astrology. People believe different things about each but a horoscope only considers your sun sign while astrology as a whole would address your entire chart.

I watched a documentary regarding horoscopes once (wish I could remember the name of it but it was way too many years ago) where an “expert” of some sort debunked the whole horoscope thing – he asked each person in a classroom what their sun sign was and then provided them with a horoscope in a sealed envelope that he told them was their personal horoscope – after they read it, he did a poll to see whether they thought their horoscopes “mostly” fit them or not. Most of the class raised their hands in agreement that the horoscope matched their personality & views – he then revealed that in fact he had given them all the same exact horoscope and had chosen phrases that all people would connect with as good advice or positive traits about themselves.

With the deeper and more detailed aspects of astrology (though the science is heavily contested & controversial & many consider it unproven) it is linked or believed by many that the position of various planetary bodies actually affects the ionic charges of things on earth in a way that “programs” them on some level or another & according to astrologist the position of each planetary body, what house of your chart it is in etc. affects what your tendencies, actions, responses, views etc are in various life scenarios.

I’m not sure myself about the reality of the alleged science behind astrology, but I can say that having discussions with an astrologer about my personal chart did give me insight into myself in a way that helped me grow and make better decisions in life. Who knows if it was just because I got some cookie cutter phrases that would prompt thought in any average person or if it really was accurate but I figure who cares – my life is better. Heck – my life is better because of things preachers have told me but that doesn’t mean I believe in Christianity – I just simply believe in self-improvement I suppose LOL.

It probably comes down to what @glenjamin said which is if you believe it has significance then it does

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@Jenniehowell The “science” behind astrology, as far as I know, as to do with planetary bodies affecting the earth. While its true that every body in the universe affects earth, the effect is so small as to be negligible.

For example, take gravity. I’ve read (in a book by one of the most brilliant mathematicians of all time) that if you add up the gravitational force of every start, planet, etc… exerts on you when you are born, this number is much smaller than the gravitational force your doctor exerts on you while you are born.[1] This would mean that kids born to fat doctors would be different than kids born to skinny doctors.

[1] This is because gravitational force drops very quickly as objects get further apart. Imagine you have two planets that are one light year apart and the gravitational force between them is 1 lb. If you move them two light years apart, the force drops to ¼ lb. If you move them 3 light years apart, the force drops to 1/9 lb. Etc…

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I honestly don’t believe that horoscopes have any big significance. I know some people who bank on horoscopes and just to keep an open mind, I picked up that book “the secret language of birthdays”, because someone that I know said he based every interaction off of that book. It’s a book about personology – kind of like astrology (horoscopes). Right off after I went through the book twice for my list of close friends and relatives, the information was inaccurate. Basically, I don’t believe in horoscopes or personology either, because none of it is 100% accurate, it’s all assumed and you already know what they say about assumptions.

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@roundsquare what do you say you and I start ASS-strology readings where we use a standard astrology chart and in addition we use documentation of the weight & gender of the doctor and others in the room in order to determine a more accurate chart? The ASS-strology chart could be the key to changing the whole process to 100% accuracy.

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They might help you engage in self reflection. But you can read the texts for any zodiac sign. Their value for predicting the future is zero. Seasonal change and stress levels can strongly affect the hormones of a pregnant woman.

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@mattbrowne If seasonal changes can affect hormones of pregnant women, doesn’t this argue that zodiac signs might well have some, though maybe not much, predictive capacity? Different hormone levels at particular stages in a fetus’s development might have predictable effects on a person’s personality, abilities, etc…

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