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What can I put in my hair that will get rid of split ends?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13635points) March 4th, 2011

My hair is damaged beyond belief. I dyed it bright raspberry red over the summer and my hair has still not recovered. What kind of home mixtures can I use to repair some of this damaged hair?

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A pair of scissors.

Then, stop fucking with it. Only shampoo your head to the base of your neck, condition all your hair. Stop using heat and damaging chemicals, resist styling as much as possible. Your hair will eventually be lovely again.

If you feel the need to really try and fix your hair, cover it in mayonaisse, wrap your head in a plastic bag or saran wrap, wait an hour and rinse. Allow to dry and get dirty again – go to sleep, the next morning wash and condition.

Also, a beer rinse can make your hair appear shinier and smoother but the alcohol isn’t great for it if you do it to much. I did both of those in high school when I had ‘classic length’ hair. Once every two weeks, alternating treatments.

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Nothing. Cut it off.

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A pair of scissors.

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You can’t put split hair back together, the only thing you can do is prevent new split ends.

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@asmonet Jinx! (BTW, nice to see you on here again.)

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Yeah – unfortunately you have to trim the ends off and then let it grow in.

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@marinelife: I never left really, I just holed up and stopped talking for a while. But it’s nice to be ‘back’ some. :)

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If the split ends aren’t actually the problem (it’s only one way your hair can look like shit), then you need to get some olive oil and coat that hair. Then change to a good shampoo and conditioner – Ion’s Effective Care Treatment at Sally Beauty is really good (and also comes in a larger, quart or something size).

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Regular trims, easy on styling and products.

@asmonet oooohh!! So good to see you!

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You can’t put anything in your hair to fix split ends, you just have to cut them off.

Don’t worry, your hair will return to normal in a few years. Mine took about 2 years to recover after I home-bleached it in grade 8.

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This is really CRAZY, but I actually agree with @crisw . Split ends are dead hair, and you cannot mend them.

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Slather your head in mayonnaise, put a plastic bag over it, and let it sit for a few hours. The oil in the mayo is good for your hair. I read that in a magazine at the dentist office. Sounds weird enough to work.

Or just cut it off the dyed part and start over.

My sister used to use Mane and Tail horse shampoo. That’s good too for dry hair.

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I can say cutting off is a good idea, but take lots of Biotin and it will grow back in no time-guarantee it.
If you want truly soft hair then try flax-seed oil with cottage cheese for a couple weeks.
I did this for cancer prevention and the first obvious thing I noticed my hair became super soft

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The best bet is to get a trim. Also, I use this thing by CHI that is pretty expensive but has helped me a LOT! It’s called silk infusion and I suggest you buy it if you have the money. Also, try not to wash/shampoo every single day. That will damage and dry your hair out. Stay away from blow driers and irons too.

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Trim the ends about one inch at least or more if its really bad.
You can do the mayonaise treatment as already suggested and wrap a warm towel around it to let it work in. You can also buy a cholesterol treatement at any hair place like sallies.
Wash your hair when done with a gentle shampoo. (Vo5 is pretty gentle and will help remove any extra chemicals)
After you wash, rinse in cold water. Let it air dry. Once it it dry, put a little Vo5 conditioning hairdresser. (comes in a tube) Just dab a little in your palms and rub it onto your hair.
Wrap your hair around your head and put a hair net on and sleep on it. In the moring your hair should be straight and pretty smooth. Depending on how bad your hair is you may need to do this once a week. If you don’t have time at least do the part after the wash your hair bit.
Don’t overdo the Vo5 conditioner hairdressing or your hair will be super greasy.

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Whack them off. Then start taking vitamin E. Eat your vegetables.

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The best thing to do when your hair is damaged beyond repair is try to repair the cuticle, baby it, no heating products as they will further damage your already fragile hair, try a keratin conditioner, vitamin e/prenatal vitamins (but do not over do, use by the recommended dose), olive oil conditioning treatments, use a good leave-in conditioner, get the ends trimmed. Do a deep conditioner treatment at least once a week – use a shower cap over the conditioner and sit under a dryer, do not apply any direct heat to your hair.

Here are a few good things you can use: Olive oil, it’s very good for your hair. Avocado – it has a lot of moisturizing properties for your hair cuticle, Mayonnaise is good to hydrate your hair as well. You can try a honey and olive oil hair mask – you can add some essential oils like a few drops of eucalyptus/mint/rosemary/or whatever you like that smells good to you. Or, you can try an avocado and mayonnaise hair mask – very hydrating as well.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

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Forgot one more thing: Cold water, after your finished rinsing your hair, use cold water to help close the cuticle. You can also store a “spritz bottle” in the fridge of a leave-in conditioner or water.

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When I had henna in my hair I never had a split end, and other people have aggreed that they found the same. But I think that’s before the damage is done. Just put in plenty of leave in conditioners and get a good lump off the ends.

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