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Do kids today still play game like Slap, Punch, or Drop?

Asked by 12Oaks (4051points) March 4th, 2011

If you have different names for these games, here’s the digest of them. They are all done with the receipient blindfolded, of course.

Slap. In turn, you slap each other across the face until one gives up. It sometimes turns out that the one who gives up is the slapper, not slappee, because his hand starts to hurt too much.

Punch. In turn, you punch each other in the belly until one gives up. If the ribs get accidentally touched, the puncher loses by DQ.

Drop. Similiar to punch, but you’re on your back and use weights.

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hmm, I don’t think so.
Too many kids would end up in juvi, hospital or the police station.
They’d get done for assault… : D

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I didn’t play them when I was younger and I didn’t really hear about anyone else playing them back then either. I haven’t seen my son playing them, so I’d say the kids probably aren’t playing them these days.

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I’ve seen my own children play “dead arm”. You punch the other one in the arm until they can’t stand it anymore. Yuk.

Once my (teen) daughters were playing it and the puncher missed. I started calling it “dead boob”. It really made them mad. Can’t imagine why!

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Unfortunately, yes. All you have to do is go on youtube. Personally, I have to question the IQ of the participants.

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Whoa. I’ve never even heard of those. The only “game” where I had to punch people was/is Slugbug/Punch Buggy.

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There’s also Fall. This one you didn’t need to be blindfolded (was optional) but the rules are simple. You climb a rope, you let go. Highest drop wins. Then there’s also a seasonal favorite, Freeze. Gotta be below zero out, snow falling adds to the fun. Whoever could take off the most clothes for the longest amount of time wins. Wall was also fun, another blindfold optional game. You start like 50 or so feet from a wall. Run as fast as you could towards the wall. Whoever stops loses. If nobody stops, hardest hit wins, though this really is a hard one to referee fairly.

These are games to toughen you up. Flinch worked as a spontaneous drinking game, as you never knew who would be It and who would be It’s partner.

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Probably not
Dem kids are probably busy playin’ with their ex-boxes and vidya games. Back in my days, we only had a stick!~

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@Michael_Huntington You ever use that stick to see who could hit whom harder and who could take them hits best? Could have called it Cane or something. If that stick was a baseball bat, that may not be the best of ideas.

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I’ve never heard of games like these. Honestly, it sounds like an episode of Jackass!

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@MissAusten We used to play these games in the 70s into the 80s. It was good fun that helped toughen you up. Nothing dangerous about these games, unless you count a little blood sometimes as dangerous. Wn never did.

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We don’t. lol. It’s all hand games now….patty cake is still used…that’s about it for the 80’s games.

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