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Ideas on creative way to tell hubby I'm preggers?

Asked by KhiaKarma (4326points) March 4th, 2011

I just took the test and it’s positive! We have been trying for 3 years. No fertility treatment, but that was going to be our next step. Yay! ....he’s on his way home now….

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Greet him at the door with a pillow under your shirt.

Draw a stork with a baby in it’s mouth and put it on the front door or make a banner that says Welcome home, Daddy!

BTW, congratulations!

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Singing telegram!

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Set a third place at the dinner table. When he asks about it, say you are expecting someone to dinner in nine months.

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Wait 9 months until you pop!

—unless he notices you getting fatter, then @optimisticpessimist‘s response is good.


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You could just leave the test somewhere that he’ll see it and wait for him to notice it.

You could ask him if a baby would be a good Christmas present this year (since you’ll be due around December).

Good luck with whatever you choose!

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Yay, congratulations!!

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Yay, congrats! And how fun that we got to make suggestions on this!

I wish I had some ideas myself, but I also like @optimisticpessimist‘s idea.

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Oh how beautiful. Congratulations. Put together a little basket of things a new dad might need? Are there any books on being a new dad? A how to change a nappy instruction tip sheet? Massage oil for when you need attention :-) I am sure there are a million other things and leave it on his pillow or something.

So happy for you.

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From the sounds of it, you were looking to tell him tonight. Since he was on his way home two hours ago, I bet you already did. So, I just wanted to say


I’m sure this is an exciting day for you and you will have many more happy times in the future. I wish you a joyous and healthy pregnancy. Please do tell us how you told your hubby!! :)

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Congrats, it is the most awesome news to give. I don’t think it matters how you deliver the news. Either way he’s going to either flip for joy or go into shock.
I did like @optimisticpessimist idea.

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So many great and fun ideas! I wrapped up the test and placed it in a box and told him that someone had dropped it off on our front porch. Then I kiddingly grilled him on who would have delivered it…. I will have to save these ideas for next time! Thanks everyone for the kind wishes! We have waited so long for this and it’s funny, but my first thought was, “shit, now what do I do?”. We are all smiles and nerves! We are going to wait a bit to tell family and friends so Fluther may be my sounding board for awhile!

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Think that is a typical reaction. When I first found out I was shocked, then amazed at the miracle and then shocked and terrified. What now? It will also be normal to have doubt about being able to handle being a parent, but once the hormones settle and as you get more information, you will feel better and it will be easier to just enjoy the pregnancy. The second one is always a lot more fun. You know you survived the first one. LOL
You guys already have a good head start. You both already knew you wanted to be parents.

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Well, I saw something once where a lady put her pregnancy test in the guy’s breakfast….but he wasn’t too happy after all the excitement that he had eaten eggs that she placed a pregnancy test in.

Congrats on the new two legged (which is what I call infant humans because my sister substitutes two leggeds for four leggeds)!

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@Brie “Two-leggers” was what my cat used to refer to my family as!
We helped her a little with her language.

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Yeah i’m fascinated as to how Mary pulled this one off. Maybe the conversation went something like this…....

Mary : “Hi Joe, you had a good day?”
Joseph : “Oh can’t complain, my internet connection went a bit ropey so I took the afternoon off.”
Mary : “Never mind dear, you sit yourself down I have some news for you.”
Joseph : “Thanks love, what is it?”
Mary : “Now you have to promise you won’t get angry.”
Joseph : “Don’t be bringing up that business with the sheep, it was just a cuddle that’s all!”
Mary : “Darling, I’m pregnant but you are not the father!!!”
Joseph : “Whoah! Way to let a guy down gently woman….jesus christ!”
Mary : “Ooh, that sounds like a nice name.”
Joseph : “Now you’re just taking the piss!”
Mary : “Our baby will be the son of god.”
Joseph :
Mary : “Joe…Joe, are you okay Joe?”
Joseph : !!!!!?????!!!!!?????
Mary : “Okay, i’ll get my coat!”

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Just tell him!! Congrats! :)

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Start by saying “Remember when you were wondering out loud why that Dominoes guy seems not to mind you not giving him a tip. Well, one night, when you were working late, I was getting hungry…...”

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