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How to set up a simple home network?

Asked by sunssi (120points) March 5th, 2011

We have all our laptops and PS3 to the router wirelessly, but I want to know how to connect a xbox with out wifi to the network.

Now we are sure if we will need a hub, we have a second router can we set that up in the same room as the laptops and PS3 to also link it wired to the xbox and if so how?

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There’s are all wireless routers

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All the wireless routers I have seen also have at least a couple of wired connecters available. You should just need a long enough cable. Am I missing something here?

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I concur. My wireless router can take four wired devices as well, so you should be able to just connect with a CAT5 cable.

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If you are going to hook up a wired device like an xbox, all wireless routers will also have wired ports usually on the back. If you go strat to the xbox from the current wireless router, you will not need a hub. If you want to add a second wireless router and use it off the first one, you certainly can but you may need to change the default gateway adress and DHCP pool range. Depending on what you have for your ISP service you may have other options depending on what the ISP router device is.

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@blueiiznh Very true, but since the Xbox seems to be the only wired device, a hub and/or second router seems like it’s not the simplest solution. Seems to me like those are only required for networks with many wired devices.

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If you want to keep everything wireless, you can use this.

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@jerv I did say the simple solution was to run straight wire. Sadly many devices still have wired only (blueray players, DVR, etc). Wireless will also not get the Gigabit speed that wired can provide, so there are reasons to go wired still.

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@blueiiznh Yes you did, and yes, there are.

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