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Pot brownies when you have the munchies?

Asked by gorillapaws (25370points) April 16th, 2008

If you eat pot brownies to satisfy your munchie cravings, do you get the munchies even worse? And if you continue doing so will you get exponentially high and hungry? And before you ask, no I’m not high right now.

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if you eat one pot brownie the next thing you know you will have eaten the whole tray. one time i did some bong rips then my buddy said here eat this cookies my grandma made. well i ate six and i guess i didnt taste the green. five hours later im wondering why im so ripped and why do i all of the sudden like to hacky sack. then he tells me dude those where special cookies…. ohhhh

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buster: hahaha.

My friend who goes to Humboldt brought some brownies home with her when she had a break from college. We ate some and then went down the concrete slides at Manor Park. You slide down them on cardboard. There’s a drop at the end of it where the bark gets pushed away from the slide and you catch some air when you fly off. Sooo fun! Especially after brownies…

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Yes! your stomach will eventually turn into a black hole and it will eat you. You will have effectively eaten yourself, if you can believe it.

Pot brownies were the greatest thing in the world, soooo good. However, I have left pot behind me and moved on with life.

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