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How do you install Ubuntu onto a parition?

Asked by sunssi (120points) March 5th, 2011

So my hard drive is partitioned one with xp on can you walk me through the steps of how to install Ubuntu onto the other partition without losing all my data on xp?

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When did this I had Ubuntu copied on a CD and during the process I was given the option of partitioning. That was with Ubuntu 10.04

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Well first make an ubuntu install disk, put it in your computer and boot from it DEL or F12 etc at startup. When installing ubuntu select experienced on the partition manager. Select the partition you made format it, then install.

Edit: Its better, more eco friendly and faster to make an install USB.

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Keep in mind the size of the partition so you know to find it during installation, then just insert the Ubuntu CD and follow the instructions. Go for manual partitioning and use the empty partition for Ubuntu. It all pretty much speaks for itself, if there are specific things in the installation process you can’t figure out, ask Fluther again :)

@Melonking How is a USB install better (or even eco friendlier)? Just because you use one less CD?

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The safest way is to use WUBI, which you can run from the Ubuntu disk, while inside windows. Just put in the disk, and if you have auto-run enabled it should popup, or look for the wubi icon inside the CD. This will install Ubuntu within the windows file system I think, and you can reboot to switch to it. There’s is hardly any chance of loosing data.

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