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Can you help me find a high quality, pale shade of makeup?

Asked by sarahjane90 (1805points) March 5th, 2011

I have naturally extremely pale skin. I’ve had a difficult time finding a shade which is pale enough to match my skin tone, but obviously I am not vampire pale so I don’t want anything that white. I have tried the lightest shade in numerous brands but they are all still too much of a contrast to my actual skin color. I have tried Lancome, Dior, and Chanel.. as well as a couple of less expensive brands which did not work out any better.

Can any of you others with very pale skin recommend a good type or brand of makeup foundation for me? I also prefer a matte shade, which allows for good coverage.

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Have you tried Bobbi Brown or Mac?

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It looks like Bobbi Brown has an ‘alabaster’. Could be something that may work!

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And it’s excellent quality too.
Her brand is geared towards women who have trouble finding shades to fit their skin, so hopefully it’ll work for you =)

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Thanks! I’ve found foundation is worth spending the extra money on… the stuff from the grocery store always looks streaky and starts to get ‘cakey’ through out the day.. yuck!

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The one drug store brand that does look good (on me at least) is Revlon’s Color Stay. It looked like skin, which is always good. I don’t know how their paler shades look though as you can tell by my photo =)

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Have you tried Physician’s Formula? My daughter is very fair skinned, and that seems to be what she buys. They have sunscreen in their make-up; a lot of the audience for their make-up are fairer skinned.

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I’m Irish and that means I’m really, really pale. Max Factor Miracle Touch is what I’v been using for a year or two and I find it really good, it’s like an expensive brand but it’s not too dear.

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Ben Nye has just about every shade possible, it’s high quality and not very expensive. I love MAC but they don’t make anything for my Casper-ish skintone.

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I also have extremely pale skin and had difficulty finding make-up to match my skin type. After a lot of searching I found that Clinique’s “Perfectly Real” foundation in 01 (N) matched me well. What a relief! I’m not sure if 01(N) would be your colour as well, but I can tell you that Clinique definitely delves into some of the “vampire-esque” shades. Perfectly Real is a nice line from Clinique (matte, lasts a long time, neither oily nor drying). Super Moisture is another good one, but only if you have combination/dry skin.
If you’re looking for something other than liquid foundation (which can sometimes be too heavy) I’d say either Sephora’s pressed powder (I use R15 and it’s quite pale), or the Benefit “foundation-faker” called Some Kind of Gorgeous. It’s a cream foundation that dries as a powder so it’s light, matte, and natural.
Hope this helped!

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I myself am not pale, but there’s this great shop on Etsy that sells homemade mineral makeup. No nasty chemicals, and I was surprised to find that it went on really well! It looked like I wasn’t wearing any powder at all, which helps when you’re pale. I’m not really a big makeup person or a big etsy user at all, but I’d recommend it. Here’s the link! You can also ask for 2 colors to mix together until you get a shade that matches perfectly. It doesn’t have any warm or cool undertones, either, which helps with matching.

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I have pretty pale and pinkish skin as I’m sure you can see from my picture, and I used to use Bobbi Brown. Now I use Clinique’s Moisture Sheer Tint SPF 15 in “fair” and it works really well. It’s really light and it doesn’t even feel like I have foundation on. Plus, it smells clean. Is that a weird thing to say?

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