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Opinions on this season of Survivor?

Asked by babybadger (1790points) March 5th, 2011

Who’s better – Rob or Russell? Which of the two is more likely to win? Favorite player so far? Who do you predict will be voted out next week? Open to discussions.

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People still watch Survivor?

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Survivor is the one show I look forward to each network season. We recently moved and Direct TV does not carry local channels in our area. We receive NBC, ABC and PBS on the antennae, but no CBS. :(

I have watched the first two episodes of this season on the computer. I like Rob, but you can never underestimate Russell. I do like the older country boy that wears the overalls (he’s on Russell’s team), but I can’t remember his name. I would love to see him outlast Russell.

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Either Rob’s personality has improved and grown or his editing has become more sympathetic but I really like him now and hope he wins it this time.

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