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Why and how would rabbits do this to two people in one week?

Asked by Aster (19984points) March 5th, 2011

Years ago, one of my daughters came inside after walking on our acreage and said a rabbit had run across her tennis shoes and untied the laces. I did not believe her. And she knew it.
A week or so later I was walking in the woods on our trail and , I swear to you, a rabbit ran across my shoes and untied my laces. I felt terrible having told her she was telling stories. But how did this happen and why would rabbits do it? Or do you have to actually be a rabbit to answer the question?

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Ah, those wascawwy wabbits!

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Maybe they had bad eyesight and thought your laces were some kind roots they could take and munch on. Just a guess. >.>”

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Rabbit season is over, so they’re enjoying their new found freedom and getting even. I’d worry more if they were tying your laces together after untying them.

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They have probably seen this video and want revenge.

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I don’t believe either of you.

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If someone told me this, which they did, I wouldnt believe it either. And to make it even MORE unbelievable, the rabbit didn’t hesitate. It just raced right over the shoes. I forgot that part.

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I’ve lived on a farm and raised quite a few rabbits in my lifetime. I remember this happening to me once. If you notice the motion of a rabbits feet while running, you will notice that they move quickly and their feet are very powerful. I really don’t know how this works, but I am suggesting that the force behind the rabbit’s foot can essentially untie a shoe quickly.

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Thanks for sort of acknowledging the fact I may be telling the truth, @KatetheGreat . It happened to you too. Now, why would they run OVER our shoes? You’d think they’d be scared and run around them, right?

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I’ve had to chase them around because they are master escape artists!

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They weren’t wild rabbits though. I raised them outside in a few hutches and they would hop out of the cages. They weren’t afraid of me so therefore they would run anywhere near me.

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it sounds like a glorious experience!

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What would be stranger is if a rabbit ran over and tied your shoes…!

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I agree with @KatetheGreat I’ve had this happen too. I’ve had a rabbit untie my laces when running over my shoe and I always thought it was because the force of their legs is strong enough to untie a loosely tied shoelace.

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They want to set your feet free !
Rabbits like their feet, and if they like you, they like your feet too.
Come walk a ways in my shoes, they are inviting you.

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Haven’t you heard of The Attack of the Killer Rabbits? The untieing of the shoe laces is just the first volley…be afraid. Vewy vewy afraid. !!

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