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What's better than the quiet after the rain?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (33040points) March 5th, 2011

Really, what is better?

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The sound of snow melting would do it for me. Snowing AGAIN today.

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The sound and smell of the rain itself.

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Rolling thunder with light rain, or thunder snow. I can’t choose.

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Watching the waterfalls on the Koolau mountains.

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I was in Michigan once when we had a thunder-snow-storm, with lightning and everything. That was pretty darn cool.

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I personally prefer walking in the rain itself. I sometimes wish it would never stop . . .

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The sound of the rain itself.

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A Dixieland Jazz band at the foot of my bed every morning.)

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A nap with a window cracked.

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A downpour, occurring while swimming at night, preferably followed by cozy pajamas and damp hair.

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The moments just before the rain when the ozone smell comes in, then the laughing and running for shelter…. no. You’re right. It’s the stillness and freshness of the “right after”, before normal activity resumes… that is a sweet frame of perfection.

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The making love with someone special during the rain.

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I agree with the sound of rain and especially on my tin roof. Also, the sound of the wind blowing in the trees in my garden or the sound of the ocean. I love to sit in my gazebo and just listen to that sound and feel the breeze on my skin. The smell of honeysuckle and/or jasmine on a hot night. The sound of cicadas… The sound of a baby or young child laughing…. The smell of your child’s freshly washed hair and skin….none are better than the quiet after rain, but they are equal to…

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the sound of birdsong waking you up…

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The quiet after making love.

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why, a clean car of course

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Waiting to hear the grass grow


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The sound of the rain itself is pretty good, you know.

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