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Whether you are vegetarian or not would you eat a pastry that contained tomato, silverbeet, onion, herbs, cheese & mushroom?

Asked by silvermoon (753points) March 5th, 2011

We are having a shared lunch at work this week and I’ve realized the colleagues which are vegetarian always seem to just go for the sweet stuff because its the only item on the table that doesn’t contain meat. Would you eat a pastry which contains tomato, silver beet, onion, herbs, cheese and mushroom and ofcourse egg to hold it together with?

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I don’t know what ‘silverbeet’ is but, sure, I’d give it a go.

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@mrentropy You might better know Silverbeet as “Chard” or perpetual spinach, spinach beet, crab beet, seakale beet, and mangold

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Sounds great to me!

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oh hell yes I’d eat those, definitely. I’m not vegetarian but I love vegetarian food and I hate sweet things.

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@silvermoon “Chard” is the only one I’ve ever heard of and I’d still have one, just the same.

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Sounds delicious!

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I’d eat old bricks if they were in pastries so yes!

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The mushroom ruins it for me.
Otherwise, i’d eat it.

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Yes. NOW please. Nom.

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The only thing that sounds better is all those ingredients in quiche! Mmmm

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I certainly would. Sounds delicious.

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Nooooooo, please, get the mushrooms away from me! Unless they’re magic.

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Ohh, yeah!

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Sounds pretty good to me. Can I come work there for the day?

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Sure, sounds good.

Do the vegetarians eat eggs?

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Wow, sounds wonderful. Care to share the recipe?

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YES! Sounds delicious and I agree with @marinelife share the recipe. Yum.

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If I were still a vegetarian and not a vegan, I would be all over it. Even if one of the vegetarians there finds one of the ingredients objectionable, the effort put into creating a vegetarian dish is SO SO appreciated. I would guess you’d win plenty of brownie points. :)

I would think our omnivorous counterparts would also love to partake in this yummy sounding recipe, so make plenty!

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I would try it, but I probably wouldn’t like it. Depending on what the cheese is.

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It all depends on how it’s prepared. There’s a few sweet delicious Moroccan appetizers I’ve had that have onion and all kinds of stuff in them and you’re wondering how it could possibly be sweet and good but it is. So sure.

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You had me at pastry.

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When I think of delicious pastries, I prefer them with fruit! Not veggies.

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That sounds pretty good to me. ;)

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Go for it! I would. Sounds wonderful.

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Well @jaytkay the vegetarian at my work eats eggs, I know at much lol. She’s also known as the “egg lady”.

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@marinelife Honestly, there is no recipe (i’m hoping it will work out). I’m going to cook diced onion, tomato and silverbeet together and put them in the pastry that il place into a muffin tray . Beat the eggs with a bit of milk like u’d do with a omlette and then teaspoon this onto of the onion mixture. I’ll cook maybe 3 small mushrooms in slices to put on top of the pastries after i have sprinkled on cheese. I wouldn’t cook them for longer than say 10minutes @ about 180 degrees. P.s I’d say you could use what ud like in them and deffinatly don’t have to use the mushrooms, i’m just trying to be different lol.

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@Blackberry A dash of Parmesan & sprinkle of mild or colby cheese.

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@KatetheGreat My aim here is for savoury rather than something sweet & fruity. The tables at morning tea’s often fill with sweet items, I guess alot of my colleagues have a sweet tooth.

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Definitely not. I hatehatehate mushrooms. When I was a veggie, it was always a pet peeve of mine that so many vegetarian alternatives included mushrooms.

But in my experience, most veggies do like mushrooms.

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@hobbitsubculture But you lovelovelove cheese. I bet it would cover the taste.

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@hobbitsubculture If half of them didn’t have mushrooms then would you earth them?

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@silvermoon Use the mushrooms! They’ll be on top and make a nice presentation. Those who really hate them can remove them if they wish. I think they’ll be delicious with your combination of ingredients. And congratulations for being creative. So many cooks just do the usual things everybody makes.

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Sounds yummy I am a meat eater but would gladly eat what you suggested mmmm

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@silvermoon Ahhh, well it does sound quite savory. But it sounds good without the mushrooms!

@hobbitsubculture I am a vegetarian and I hate mushrooms! Hahaha.

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@Sunny2 A billion times like!

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@silvermoon Yes, although I don’t know what silver beets are.

@incendiary_dan You know that’s not true. Once I accidentally ate a mushroom on a pizza. Thought I’d been poisoned. Cheese doesn’t cover it, tomato sauce doesn’t cover it, even pepperoni doesn’t cover it.

@Sunny2 Wouldn’t mushrooms on top make it seem like there are mushrooms inside? Wait, IS there an inside? Maybe I just have calzones on the brain.

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@hobbitsubculture You might better know Silverbeet as “Chard” or perpetual spinach, spinach beet, crab beet, seakale beet, and mangold.

I wouldn’t dare be mean as to actually put mushroom inside the savory too. I’m more using the mushroom for presentation.

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@silvermoon Sounds good, although I would try it even not knowing.

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Yes, I would. Omnivore, here.

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In a New York minute.

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Sounds delicious, assuming silverbeet tastes nothing like regular beet.

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I’d try anything, but the chances of this making a regular rotation into my diet are slim and none.

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This dish sounds marvelous to me. I am a vegetarian.

In my experience, most “regular meat eaters” (whatever that means) are not very likely to try something like this, they are too afraid of “weird ingredients” and they think they will die if they don’t eat meat at every meal.

Where I used to work, we would have regular potlucks, as one of the few vegetarians, I would always try to make things that were more “normal looking” so that the meat eaters would actually try some.

The only places I’ve been successful with serving any of the more “exotic vegetarian” dishes is in rooms full of other vegetarians, or at my own family’s potlucks. I am the only vegetarian in my family, and except for my Dad, everyone is very food oriented and loves trying new things. In general populations, such as work venues or at other parties (that are not my relatives) I have found that most people are very intimidated and sometimes even disgusted with the idea of eating anything vegetarian, to the point that they won’t even try something that they consider “weird.”

My standard vegetarian offerings for difficult crowds are: Greek salad (romaine lettuce, kalamata olives, sliced banana peppers, feta cheese, sliced tomatoes), pesto pasta salad (with cheese tortellini, grape tomatoes and broccoli, with jarred pesto sauce used for regular hot pasta), vegetarian chili and cornbread, hummus and pita chips, baked macaroni and cheese, tabouli, pasta salad (penne pasta, bean mixture with garbanzos and kidney beans, carrots and tomatoes in a vinaigrette) and Indian Samosas.

For whatever reason, people that are picky eaters tend to hate: tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, most green vegetables (especially Brussels sprouts) and beans.

And fearul meat eaters will balk at: tofu or any other soy-related product, most greens (spinach, kale, chard etc) but will eat iceberg and romaine lettuce, they might eat mushrooms on a pizza, but are not likely to eat something that is specifically made of mushrooms or filled with mushrooms, and pretty much any vegetable that is not extremely common (at least in the U.S.) like tomatoes, potatoes, corn and carrots, will not pass their lips.

Now here’s the ironic twist. At the place where I used to work, there were about 5 vegetarians (myself included) and the rest of the 80 person staff were not. So sometimes, the big boss would order pizzas and they would ususually get one vegetarian pie and 6 or 8 meat pies. Everybody would get in line to get some pizza and guess what? The vegetarian pie would be eaten first by the meat eaters. I can’t tell you how many times, us vegetarians didn’t get any pizza.

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@Kardamom That’s why I stopped using the V-word when I brought vegetarian food to gatherings of omnivores. Better to say “macaroni salad” or “a bean dish” than “vegetarian main course.

I don’t get the reluctance to try new foods, even for picky eaters. When I was 14 (and still had a lot of my pickier tendencies from childhood), I resolved to try new foods, including ones I always thought I hated. That’s how I found a lot of my current favorites. I’m probably still picky by a lot of people’s standards because I don’t eat mushrooms, olives, eggs dishes, or seafood. But disliking those particular foods doesn’t mean I will hate new ones too. And even foods I don’t like get a second chance eventually; I’m now ok with eggs in small doses.

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I am not a vegetarian and I would gobble this up in a heartbeat!

I do not care for the texture of mushrooms, but that would not turn me off. I like their flavor and, if they are large enough for me to notice I am chewing them, then they are large enough for me to pick out.

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The egg didnt set! Emergency! 2 of my colleagues were in the kitchen with a savory in attempt to cook the inside & they think it worked so did the rest of the savories… I hope the eggs set I don’t wanna cause food poisioning.

I have NEVER had that happen before. I’m so worried & embarassed. I can’t explain why the eggs didn’t set. Even Mum is suprised.

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Can you bake it for longer?

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@janbb Just had them in again for 10mins on 200degrees but i’m worried. I had them out all night at home to cool down in the oven. My colleagues are dead set on NOT letting me throw them out.

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If the pastry is in danger of overcooking, try heating them in the microwave for 20–30 seconds, to cook the egg inside without overdoing the pastry. It might make the pastry a bit soft but then you can just put them back in the oven to crisp them off again.

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running away from the mushrooms with @Sarahjane90, @hobbitsubculture and @KatetheGreat. Does sound good with out the mushrooms, though!

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@silvermoon Did it come out okay? Did the eggs cook up?

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It seems so. Colleague that ate them yesterday are all at work today. Phew! Lol

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@Taciturnu It seems so. Colleague that ate them yesterday are all at work today. Phew! Lol

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That is always a blessing Silvermoon :-) Glad it went well.

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