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What's your stripper song?

Asked by Blueroses (18203points) March 5th, 2011

Suppose you’re working the stripper pole. What is your theme song? What song makes you feel sexy and loose?

Men can answer also.

Mine is I still Believe and I know it’s a Christian group but something about it lends to grinding and overt sexuality.
So. share.

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I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred

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Well the song “Let the bodies hit the floor” Is always playing everytime I go to the titty bar.

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Etta James – I just want to make love to you.

I challenge anyone not to bump and grind when Etta sings this one.

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Any song by “Two Live Crew.”

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My knee-jerk reaction is the stripper anthem of Peaches’ “Fuck the Pain Away”...but there is more to me than that…

Faith No More’s Greenfields would be one…and Nina Simone’s What You Gonna Do . Oh yeah.

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The three that would play during my time on the pole:

Justify My Love
Crazy Bitch

In private, it would be Do What It Do.

Since when do you have to link youtube to a google account? Ugh.

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HAHA,,, 50 cent : ’ a little bit ’ ....

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@Taciturnu since you have to prove you’re a grown-up in America… you know under 18 has never heard the word “fuck”.
@Mz_Lizzy yes! what a sensual song.
and yep, @ladymia69 Greenfields would inspire some acrobatics

Thanks for adding to my set list. <hee hee>

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@Blueroses Surely there’s no cursing by minors in this culture! Understood, but I’ve had a registered account without linking to my gmail in which I was considered an adult. They started requiring a google account, as opposed to another e-mail though. New to me. Shows how often I go on there. :)

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@Blueroses thankfully my husband doesn’t call me out on the lyrics. Bah… to that… I’ll bump and grind but he doesn’t have paper arms so can wash his own clothes and make his own bread…

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Another one is I’ve got news for you which is a Ray Charles song, but I like the Edgar Winter version. There is a link in YouTube but I can’t see it because I am in Australia apparently.

The link might work for you.

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boo. @Mz_Lizzy says I’m out of the country too

@filmfann, that actually works well!

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I’m Your Man by Leonard Cohen

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Oh, yes @janbb a Lenny Cohen song would have to be on the stripper playlist.

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Oooh! Also have to add Hot Ride and Gett Off.

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@Earthgirl your links don’t work?
@JmacOroni booyeh we can haz danztunz!
@lucillelucillelucille I totally want to see that stripper routine… when are you demonstrating?

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blueroses Thanks for letting me know. I think it’s fixed now :)

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and damned if my original link didn’t go to the wrong song. Should have been I still believe

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Less than Human by the Chameleons UK. Yeah, I like depressing music. Can’t think of any song that actually does make me feel sexy.

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Sorry I couldn’t edit this one so I am reposting :)
too good to miss.
The Heat

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@Blueroses There are no demos! Gosh!

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This song from Planet Terror. Rose is the queen.

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@lucillelucillelucille Nikki and I just listened to that and we’re laughing our asses off!!!

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@lucillelucillelucille I see how it is.Gotta pay to play.

@Earthgirl your links still don’t go anywhere except an error page. I agree with boom ‘cuz you got me to look it up so I’m putting up a working link for it

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My Love by Justin Timberlake

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I’ll dance for Nikki to this.

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“you need soap and water….soap and water… soap and water….soap, soap, soap, soap…..”

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@jonsblond Sweet! That’s just awesome! thanks for that one. Something about that sax, eh?

@Jude I could see your first link as a floor routine for sure. Not so much on the pole.

@aprilsimnel I’m not really a JT fan but I could see this working

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@Blueroses Glad the link worked. I’ve watched it before, but my internet is super slow right now and I couldn’t get it to load. I wasn’t sure if it was the right link. I want to hear the song so badly right now too. stupid slow internet :/

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@Jude This is the big moneymaker.

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First song that came to mind when picturing myself gyrating on a pole… ‘Buttons’ by Pussycat Dolls.
I’ve actually never seen the video until I looked it up to post the link…I need to go roll in the snow now.

Lol one that I’d have fun with though would be ‘You Can Leave Your Hat On’ by Tom Jones.

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Candy Shop by 50 Cent without a doubt.

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lol @PluckyDog the first would definitely work, the second is a classic. More sexiness in the second, I think.

@jessifer1212 naturally. That song was made for the pole.

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@xjustxxclaudiax That is just excellent. Thank you!

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How about this for a twist????

Billie Jean

Michael Jackson

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Well alright, @john65pennington but it loses me every time I hear “the chair is not my son”

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Without a freaking doubt, Lick by Joi.

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Dammit, V! show it to me now!

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Since answering this question, I’ve actually compiled an entire playlist of “stripper songs.” I now have a striptease mix, pretty sure that’s a new one.

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Right on! @JmacOroni I’ll send you my address on FB so your husband can thank me.

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Closer by Nine Inch Nails.

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Goldfrapp – Crystalline Green, Oh La La La, and Strict Machine.
Prodigy – Firestarter, Breathe
Orgy – Opticon
Most Def – Quiet Dog
Iggy Pop – Search and Destroy

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MyNewtBoobs Crystalline Green and Ooh La La are very sexy! Goldfrapp has a new fan. And I love the seventies look on steroids in the video for Ooh La La!! It’s like the Biba look from that boutique in London.
The video for Strict Machine with the kaleidoscope effect is one the best I’ve seen in a long time.
Thank you!

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My Ding-A-Ling! Play with it bitch XD

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@lucillelucillelucille No, Moneymaker is the moneymaker! Can’t believe I didn’t think of that one before.

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Pink by Aerosmith

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Maybe not the most out of the box choice, but if I was a stripper this would totally be my main theme.

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I’d go all out with Lords of Acid all the way. Why hold back?

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@Symbeline That is soooo “Symbeline” :)

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For something a little more wild and hair shaking, I totally love this one too. :D

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I would prefer one of the classics like Big Spender. This is the version from Sweet Charity.

Response moderated (Writing Standards)
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This particular Pole would be dancing to S&M or Disturbia – Rihanna is hotness incarnate ;-)

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Oh damn! @fremen_warrior you beat me to it! I was soooo ready to make a play on Pole dancing, lol!

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Ha! Me? Pole dancing? To dream The Impossible Dream.

fremen_warrior's avatar

@Earthgirl being the only one on here, I considered it my duty to step up :P

@ETpro good call man, I’d buy tickets to that any day xD (seriously though, that’s some really nice music for ya)

Earthgirl's avatar

@ETpro I think you could use that move you used in your dream for your strip routine. It’s got definite potential. loin cloths are so sexy!

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@fremen_warrior & @Earthgirl You guys are entirely too kind. But don’t change a thing.

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